The thrill for the 29th championship is already gone. Olimpia Milano is already working to “pin up the third star”, a goal declared by coach Messina who also dreams of returning to the Final Four and seeing “his own photo hanging” in the offices together with the club’s icons, such as Rubini and Gamba . For a Rodriguez who greets Madrid (“I will decide shortly, today is the day of joy”), Hines renews and will remain the totem pole of the painted area: “I am very happy to stay here. Milan is a fantastic city and there it’s a group that is a lot of fun to play with. “

It will be a different group, many shots have already been placed: Pangos and Mitrou-Long will be the two new point guards, Tonut and Baron the new guards, Davies the new center. Voigtmann is the favorite for the role of strong forward but the dream remains Gallinari, if he does not find interesting offers in the NBA. GM Christos Stavropoulos remains vague: “It is not market day, we will announce our moves soon. If we had bought all the names I had read, I would have to ask the League to enter a second team in the championship as well.” Confirmed the blockade of the Italians, with Datome and Melli leading the troop. The blue captain tells of the tears for the championship: “I thought back to my career, to my father in the stands who had been negativized by Covid only in the morning. It was all very intense”. Melli talks about “suffering” and highlights how winning in Italy is much better than abroad: “Here they can write to my friends who support other teams”. The staff changes: Pozzecco is the new blue coach and tomorrow he will start his adventure in Trieste. Esposito will be Menetti’s new assistant in Reggio Emilia. In his place will come Peppe Poeta who has just hung up his shoes.
Outside the Forum the public, under a scorching sun, awaits the parade of the Italian champions. We sing, dance, celebrate. Then it’s time for autographs and selfies.
The euphoria will last until August 20, the date of the rally for next season. Other protagonists for the same goal: to win.