Cocaine on a car parked in San Lorenzo in Rome: the shock photo spread on social networks that portrays the nights of madness of the youngest.

Cocaine on a car parked in San Lorenzo in Rome: crazy nights for the youngest and shocking nightlife

Cocaine on a car parked in San Lorenzo in Rome: photo spread on the web

In the district of San Lorenzo in Rome, a group of young people was immortalized while they were intent on preparing strips of cocaine on the hood of a car and then sniffing them. The report was disseminated on Instagram through theresist_sanlorenzo account who shared the offending photo online.

In publishing the shot on the social platform, the administrators of the page managed by the residents of the university district explained: “A resident of via degli Ernicihearing the din under his window in the middle of the night, he looked out and found the group of kids, so he sent us the photo ”.

The photo shows two boys and a girl with their heads bent over the hood of a car parked in via Ernici in the San Lorenzo district which they seem to be preparing cocaine strips in the presence of their friends so that you can then sniff it. Despite the report and the situation that the image suggests, it cannot be excluded that the young protagonists of the story have took another type of drug in powder rather than cocaine.

Nights of madness for the youngest and shocking nightlife: the reaction of politics

Cocaine on a car parked in San Lorenzo in Rome: what happened in via Ernici is not unique. There Resist San Lorenzo Instagram pagein fact, it has long been committed to denouncing “with photos the state of decay of San Lorenzo, a neighborhood of artists, students and workers” and to photographing “what for you it is not urban decor“.

In opposition to the commitment of the group of citizens of Resist San Lorenzo, stands the Instagram page “I don’t get off San Lollo”. The page, followed by thousands of followers, urges its fans to spill out onto the street and, via video and screenshots, makes an appointment to get drunkfrustrating the efforts of those who try to stem the phenomenon of crazy nights and unbridled nightlife.

The situation of the San Lorenzo district is note to the police and the municipal administration. The mayor Gualtierifor example, it has formed an ordinance that establishes the closure of convenience stores from 22:00 while the junta that governs the II municipality would like to be able to curb the phenomenon by resorting to culture. In particular, the project would consist “in occupying the spaces prey to vandalism, fights and noises with high-level cultural events, compatible with the context and with a decidedly soft impact for the inhabitants of San Lorenzo “. Despite the proposals and attempts made, however, the phenomenon of the malamovida shows no signs of subsiding.

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