Corpus Christi 2022what is it and what is celebrated: when is the procession organized in Italy and what is its religious significance?

Corpus Domini 2022, what it is and what is celebrated: meaning and origins of the procession

Corpus Domini 2022, what it is and what is celebrated

Corpus Domini or Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ is one of the main solemnities that characterize the calendar of the liturgical year of the Catholic Church. The celebration, before the liturgical reform started in 1969, was also known as Festum Ss.mi Corporis Christi.

It’s about a mobile holiday which, in fact, does not fall on a fixed and pre-established date. In some countries, the Thursday following the Holy Trinity while in others, such as Italy, the following Sunday. Corpus Domini 2022, in Italy, is celebrated on the day of Sunday 19 June.

As for the meaning of the holiday, it relates to the liturgy of the Mass at the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday. The universal Catholic solemnity was established in Orvieto through the Transiturus bull of 11 August 1264 by Pope Urban IV. In the bull, the solemnity is described as the “feast of the most holy Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ” aimed at reaffirming the divinity of Jesus and his Body.

The birth of Corpus Domini, however, dates back to 1247 when it was first celebrated in diocese of Liegein Belgium.

On the occasion of the religious event, then, aconsecrated hostexposed to public adoration and enclosed in a monstrance under a canopy.

Meaning and origins of the procession

On the occasion of Corpus Domini 2022 on June 19, in cities like Orvieto and Bolsenatogether with the consecrated host, are also carried in procession relics of the Eucharistic miracle involving the Bohemian priest Pietro Da Praga in 1263.

The return of the Corpus Domini procession in the summer of 2022 was commented by the archbishop of Milan, Monsignor Mario Delpini, who declared: “In the difficult city, in the complicated life, in the times of dullness and fear, the disciples remember Jesus, like him they break bread and experience that the bread is good, the bread is abundant. Yet bread is not enough. Are we destined never to be happy? Perhaps an envious god has destined men and women to be always dissatisfied, always dependent, always marked by need? Why is bread not enough? Why can the taste for life degenerate into disgust and desire for death and resignation to die? “.

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