(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 19 – “You can love at the age of seventy if you have courage. Being afraid of loving is like putting an end to your life, while you have to take your own risks and decide what kind of life you want to have”. Word of Fanny Ardant, protagonist of THE YOUNG LOVERS by Carine Tardieu already at the Rome Film Festival and from 23 June in the hall with I Wonder Pictures. Falling in love in the film are 70-year-old Shauna (Ardant), a retired architect who has long since renounced any emotional involvement, and Pierre (Melvil Poupaud), a 45-year-old happily married doctor and father of a family.

The fact is that he sees Shauna as an attractive woman so much that his family life is in trouble and soon falls apart. And as the woman struggles with emotions she believed belonged to her past, she too discovers that she has fallen ill with a degenerative disease that condemns her to a short life in conscience.

“What I liked about the film was when my character still doesn’t quite understand what is happening to him,” says Ardant. “Knowing if you’re really in love, fighting for that idea and then finally diving in. Even when my character does. she is ill – continues the 73-year-old actress – and wants to give up, stop, she can’t make it. Love is stronger than her “.

Talking about a love beyond the more or less canonical age, says the director: “It was like breaking a taboo. Love can happen even at 75”.

And again Ardant: “In the end, everyone wants to love. And we will always talk about love. When instead we start talking about glory and power then it is the end also because there is very little to say about these things”.

One of the problems of today explains the actress: “It is the fact that one only thinks of the body, what matters seems to be only the sexual part which is certainly not the most important”.

The choice to make this film difficult? “Initially I thought not to do it. I thought I was forced to do scenes that even as a young man I never allowed myself, but then I realized that the spirit of YOUNG LOVERS was different”.

How do you choose the roles? “In this I am not very professional because I have always only played parts that I liked. I can also do roles that the public hate, the important thing is that I like them.” (HANDLE).