A government meeting for analyze the drought situation in the different regions and evaluate possible measures to cope with the emergency. According to what is learned, the meeting will be held this week with the Executive which is closely monitoring the drought dossier.

The meeting should be attended by the Ministers of Agriculture Stefano Patuanelli – which just yesterday he defined as “inevitable” to declare a state of crisis – and of the ecological transition Roberto Cingolani. The presence of the head of the Civil Protection Department Fabrizio is also not excluded Curcio.

The news of the meeting comes after request for help formulated by the Regions to the Executive for a quick intervention aimed at facing the emergency.

To move first were the Northern governors: the Veneto had already requested a state of emergency in recent weeks, but obtained a no from the government; then Lombardy and Piedmont moved. And in fact in the northern regions, Coldiretti still says, that spring rainfall has more than halved, with the territory gasping, exhausted by temperatures that are nothing short of unusual.

Drought, the waters of the Po never so low for 70 years: the situation in the Mantua area

But the the situation is also difficult in the center-southwith the Tiber Basin Authority complaining of having raised the drought alarm for several months and inviting us to move as quickly as possible so as not to have to chase emergencies.

Meanwhile Piedmont will ask for the red alert tomorrow. “We will ask for the maximum level of alert, the red one, and this will allow the government to intervene with the means of civil protection or to decide on the uses of the water”, he said. Matteo MarnatiCouncilor for the Environment of the Piedmont Region, in an interview with Rai News 24, on the subject of drought.

“In reality we intervened in two ways – he explained -, one for the drinking water crisis and the second for agriculture, for which we have already asked for a state of calamity, but it is used to pay for the posthumous damages to an event. let’s try to anticipate. Then there are other medium and long-term actions to be implemented, otherwise the situation will become ordinary in the coming years “.

For now there is no lack of water, but if the dry and hot period goes along, there will be problems“, underlined Marnati.

At the moment approx 10% of Piedmontese municipalities have adopted ordinances for conscious use and also prohibitions.

“The problem – explained Marnati – is that now, with this heat, consumption for civilian use is increasing rather than decreasing. So some municipalities and some aqueducts have tried to intervene at night, closing the taps. For now they are still sporadic cases, but from the data we have, these municipalities will probably multiply in the next few days. By doing so, at least at night we can refill some water in the tanks and then use it during the day “.

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