M5S Council: no sanctions against Di Maio and reverse on the stop to arms


At the M5S National Council it was decided not to decide. After the escalation of tones between the leader Giuseppe Conte and the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maionow at loggerheads for days on the issue of sending further weapons to Ukraine, no verdict comes from the Movement’s top body.


No sanctions against Di Maio

Nor on the expulsion of the head of the foreign ministry, as well as the vice president Riccardo Ricciardiin an interview with The Republic he had hinted by evoking “measures” against the minister “who as a political leader has expelled people for much less serious things”.

Nor on the resolution of the controversy on which the 5 Stars could, in the end, fall back on a more nuanced version, without forcing the stop to the sending of weapons to Ukraine on which the dimaiani are ready to split.

In short, if it is not a reverse we are close. Moreover, it was Ricciardi himself, after the bellicose tones entrusted to the columns of Republicto correct the shot.

Change of course on resolution

“There is no party that has a resolution”, the text “is written by a majority. In this EU Council there is no talk of sending weapons or not. There is no, there is no further shipment of weapons from Italy. The arguments of the EU Council will be dealt with (in the resolution). As a political line, we ask that Italy commit itself to the front line for a military de-escalation and the involvement of Parliament in the choices that will be made from now on “, he explained to Countercurrenton Rete 4, a few minutes before the start of the M5S Council.

“If this is being pro-Putin, the Pope is too – he added -. Draghi himself said returning from his trip to Ukraine that Zelensky did not raise a question of weapons ”. Except then, however, to be denied by Zelensky himself who, after the visit of the Italian premier with Macron and Scholz to Kiev, spoke expressly of the need for Ukraine to have “heavy and modern weapons”.

Much ado about nothing

Result: the night summit of the M5S elders, which brought together the streams in addition to Conte, the 5 vice presidents, the group leaders of the Chamber and Senate and, at their express request, the coordinators of the Committees, is resolved in a mere censorship against Di Maio.

Against which the same Count would have said he was “sorry” for the accusation against the Movement of not being democratic.

While a total retreat on Tuesday’s resolution is looming: any reference to the stop to arms in Kiev, as well as the request to submit, from now on, all government decisions in this regard to the scrutiny of the Parliament, are considered inadmissible by Palazzo Chigi.

The fallback would then be to ask to insert in the majority resolution a call to a “diplomatic escalation” with the aim of peace in Ukraine. Credits: Much Ado About Nothing.

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