(ANSA) – FLORENCE, JUN 19 – The guitarist and composer Alvaro Company, disciple of Andrés Segovia and, for the composition, of Luigi Dallapiccola, one of the greatest exponents of the ‘Schola Fiorentina’, passed away yesterday in his Florentine home. To give the news, in a note, the Cherubini Conservatory.

“A great teacher who in his dual vocation as guitarist, composer and teacher at the Cherubini Conservatory of Florence, member of the ‘Schola Fiorentina’ inspired by Luigi Dallapiccola, developed an important educational path and compositional research on guitar and contemporary music. Florentine, of Catalan origin, was born in Florence on June 25, 1931. From 1960, Company began his didactic path at the ‘Cherubini’. He created the chair of classical guitar of which he was owner for almost forty years and among others he composed ‘Las seis cuerdas’, inspired by a poem by García Lorca. Among his historical students Ganesh Del Vescovo, Alfonso Borghese, Vincenzo Saldarelli, Nuccio D’Angelo and Giorgio Albiani himself , current teacher at the Conservatory of Florence. He devised an executive methodology aimed at instrumentalists in general, to which he gave the name of ‘musical biodynamics’. sione composed by Abbado, Accardo, Gavazzeni, Giulini, Muti, Pollini, as well as by the greatest Italian critics, and chaired by Petrassi, awarded him the ‘Massimo Mila Award’ “for the exemplary didactic commitment of a lifetime”. In ’96 at the First National Guitar Convention in Pesaro he was awarded the ‘Didactic Award for Guitar’ and in ’99, on the occasion of the IV National Guitar Convention in Alessandria, he was awarded the ‘Golden Guitar’ for composition . Tomorrow, at 5 pm, at the Niccolini Theater, the Conference of Maestro Mario Ruffini will be held, entitled ‘The Contaminated Twentieth Century by Dallapiccola: Florence between music, war and civil commitment’, and will be dedicated to Maestro Company. Furthermore, to commemorate and honor Company, the Cherubini Conservatory has organized a concert at its headquarters to be held on Monday 27 June at 9 pm in the Pietro Grossi Hall of Buonumore in Florence. (HANDLE).