The Eternal City, which has been invaded, conquered and sacked countless times since its founding nearly 2,800 years ago, is now being invaded by “more than 14 thousand scooters, modern wagons that block pavements, make motorists nervous and kill“. CNN writes it on its website.

The American TV broadcaster has collected the complaint of some citizens and reported the numbers of the “death trap”: 4 people killed driving since the scooters were introduced into the city 3 years ago and “according to the health authorities, the city’s emergency rooms treat at least one serious injury related to the scooter every three days” compared to the fact that “only 2% (approximately 270) of the shateboards with rental handlebars are used daily “.

In fact, CNN argues, unused scooters “represent the biggest challenge, especially for the disabled“.

“Giuliano Frittelli, head of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, moves – reports US TV – with his walking stick around half a dozen scooters that scatter the sidewalk near his office in the city center”. “The first problem is the wild parking“, says Frittelli as he beats his walking stick on the base of a scooter, explaining that their unusual shape makes it easy for those with vision problems to trip over them.

The Municipality of Rome, for its part, is already planning a strong squeeze to manage the chaos of scooters in the capital. In fact, it is planned to introduce a metal plate and a roof at the speed that must reach a maximum of 20 kilometers per hour with automatic passage at 6 kilometers in pedestrian areas. Then the mandatory photography at the time of parking, 12 euros per hour the maximum rate, rentals only for adults and registration obligation with an identity card. This is a summary of the draft, which the Municipality presented to sharing companies only a few days ago. According to the first text of the new regulation for the sharing of bikes and scooters, the current concessions expire in December and in order to approve the new assignments, the call must be released within a few weeks.

As already announced several times, the number of operators of rental scooters should therefore decrease, from the current 7 with 14,500 vehicles to the future 3 with a maximum of three thousand pieces per operator. In addition, the Municipality will have to identify the no-parking areas and those where the stalls are to be built and to close the rental it will be necessary to photograph the vehicle in the stall and send the photo to the rental company.

The minimum distance of 70 meters between the stocks of vehicles of the same operator will then be introduced, which cannot place more than 5 units per block. Another novelty would consist in the ceiling on rates: 12 euros per hour. According to rumors, it is precisely on the roof that prices are the point on which operators are most critical. According to the text, if there were infringements, the companies risk suspension or revocation of the authorization.

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