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Btp Italia new issue from 20 June 2022: what it is, how it works and how convenient it is to subscribe the title. The indications of the Mef.

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Btp Italia new issue from 20 June 2022: what it is

Starting from Monday 20 June 2022, the 17th issue of BTP Italia which, according to what is reported by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, starts from a guaranteed minimum rate of1.6%.

The Mef, then, specified that the definitive rate of the new multi-year Treasury bill in Italy at 2030 will be definitively revealed through a communication which will be disseminated with the opening of the fourth day of issue. The final rate will therefore be announced in the morning of Thursday 23 June and it can be confirmed or modified e revised upwards.

Furthermore, in the note released by the Mef, it is possible to read that the title “is a BTP indexed to the Italian inflation rate (FOI index, without tobaccos – Consumer price index for blue-collar and white-collar families, net of tobaccos), with coupons paid every 6 months together with the revaluation of capital due to inflation in the same semester “.

How it works: the first phase illustrated by Mef

The newly issued BTP Italy starting from 20 June 2022 is a title with enjoyment on 28 June 2022 and expiring on 28 June 2030. As for the title, the the first phase of the placement period is aimed at individual savers and similar and extends for a time window between Monday 20 June and Wednesday 22 June as long as no early closure is announced.

For the first phase, the Mef explained: “The Isin code of the title for this first phase it is IT0005496994. The inflation index number calculated on the date of enjoyment and settlement of the share is 109.72000 ”.

The new issue of the BTP Italia differs from the previous editions for the double loyalty bonus that it inherited from the BTP Futura. The Mef, in fact, explained: “For those who subscribe the security in this phase and will hold it until expiry, therefore for the entire duration of the 8 years, a total loyalty bonus equal to 1% of the invested capital“.

In the event that it is decided to hold the Italian BTP for only four years, a intermediate value of 0.4%.

In relation to the first phase of the new issue, the Mef communicated: “Agli retail investors who purchase the security during the first phase of the placement period and hold it until the end of the first 4 years (June 28, 2026), the Mef will pay an intermediate loyalty bonus equal to 0.4% of the nominal capital purchased, not revalued. After the next 4 years, at the maturity of the security (28 June 2030), to retail investors who have continued to hold the security from issue to maturity, a final premium equal to 0.6% of the nominal capital will be paid undersigned not revalued “.

The newly issued BTP Italy from 20 June 2022 can be signed in the bank or at the post office. The purchase can also be made online through your own home-bankingusually with the trading function already enabled.

Second phase and what is convenient for the new BTP Italy issue from 20 June 2022

The title distributed by the Mef also includes one second phase which, as reported by the Ministry, is addressed to institutional investors. Regarding the second phase, the following was specified: “It will take place in the Thursday 23 June from 10 to 12. The issue will take place on the Mot (the Electronic Bonds and Government Securities Market of Borsa Italiana) through Intesa Sanpaolo and Unicredit from 20 to 23 June 2022. The settlement date of all executed purchase orders is unique and coincides with the enjoyment date “.

The government bond indexed to the inflation rate which was conceived for small savers, therefore, was revived after a long period of pause.

The May 2020 edition had registered a incredible record which had seen the accession of the 63% of retail investors for a placed amount of € 22.3 billion. In a decade, therefore, 192 billion euros were invested in BTP Italia and BTP Futura, issued on the electronic platform Mot (Mercato Telematico delle Obbligazioni) of Italy Stock Exchange.

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