Elena Del Pozzo, the autopsy revealed how the little girl died by disseminating some preliminary results of the exam. Meanwhile, the Ris have carried out an inspection in the home of Martina Patti, finding “traces of carry-over blood” and excluding that the murder could have been committed in her home. L’murder weapon has not yet been found.

Elena Del Pozzo autopsy, how did she die?  Preliminary results and inspection of the Ris in the home of Martina Patti

Elena Del Pozzo autopsy, how did she die? Preliminary results

The preliminary results of the autopsy conducted on the remains of little Elena Del Pozzo, the child of only four killed by her mother Martina Patti and buried in an abandoned field of Mascalucia, in Catania.

According to reports from the coroner in charge of carrying out the autopsy exam, the little girl was stabbed eleven times and not seven as initially reported by the investigators. The eleven stab wounds with which Martina Patti hit her daughter reached her little one neck and to back. Speaking of the stabs, the following was reported: “Hits are compatible with a kitchen knife which has not yet been found. Only one of which was lethalbecause he severed the vessels of the subclavian artery. But the the child’s death was not immediate“.

The autopsy was performed at the cannizzaro hospital in Catania by the coroner Giuseppe Ragazzi. The elements identified also made it possible to establish the time of death: “The death of the child would have occurred more than an hour after the meal he had eaten at school around 1pm“.

Inspection of the Ris in the home of Martina Patti: “Traces of carry-over blood”

Having clarified some crucial passages through Elena Del Pozzo’s autopsy, she was still in assessment phase the place where the crime was committed.

On the morning of Monday 20 June, however, following a inspection of the Ris in the home of Martina Patti, it was revealed that in the home of the 23-year-old who brutally murdered her daughter, find traces of blood. The Ris have specified that the traces of blood found were brought to the apartment by theexternal and, consequently, the Public Prosecutor of Catania asserted that “it is possible with certainty to exclude that the murder took place at home”.

Specifically, the prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro declared: “From the latest and most recent results of the investigations of the Ris it can be safely ruled out that the murder took place at homewhere the traces of blood found are to carry over“.

During the search of the Mascalucia home, the Ris seized a item of clothing by Martina Patti who, on the occasion of her confession, had explained that she had returned home after the murder for change clothes and wash.

Meanwhile, the woman accused of the murder of little Elena is strictly supervised by the prison police in the Piazza Lanza prison for fear that she might carry out self-harm gestures or be attacked by other inmates.

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