Already 125 companies and over 4500 young people have joined the Enel program to train (and hire) the technicians of the electricity grids of the future

Four months after launch already 125 companies have joined the program Energy to Growlaunched in February by Enel in collaboration with Elis in order to train in the next 2 years 5,500 technicians of the electricity grids of the future And over 4500 young people from all over Italy have applied for training, which is free and includes a reimbursement of expenses of 800 euros.

Thanks to the program, Enel’s supplier companies involved in the management of medium-low voltage networks can thus draw on a pool of qualified professionals able to manage and build new infrastructures that are increasingly digital and carbon free which will be built in the next few years in line with the goals of the energy transition.

Employment and Green Transition

“In addition to representing a great opportunity for young people and the country system as it helps to create new jobs and brings us closer to achieving goals of the green transitionEnergie per Crescere represents an important opportunity also for our supplier companies as it enables them to train their own human capital at no costin order to become more competitive and thus gain new market shares by addressing the challenges of the energy transition in the best possible way ”, stated Nicola Lanzetta, Director of Enel Italy.

“I find this initiative particularly significant because it addresses an occupational mismatch situation and a transition process in an important sector for the competitiveness of the country. Moreover, it does so in the most correct way, starting from a certified training course, favoring a job placement and, above all, involving the entire supply chain ”, declared Gianni Brugnoli, Vice President of Confindustria with responsibility for human capital issues.

The Minister of Labor and Social Policies, Andrea Orlando, expressed appreciation for the program which he confirms Enel as a key player in the energy transitionable to drive change by adopting an innovative supply chain approach that makes related companies more competitive, both in terms of executive capacity and the growth and development of human capital skills.

Benefits for workers and businesses

In particular, for companies in the supply chain, joining the program entails a series of advantages: being able to find already trained techniciansfigures currently highly sought after by the market; reduce training costs being able to count on the support of excellence such as Elis, for years a point of reference for technical education; in the end retrain their workforce to seize the challenges and business opportunities related to development of new networks.

According to an estimate, in the next three years the market will need about 10 thousand specialized technicians also in view of the robust investment plan of approximately 10 billion that Enel intends to implement precisely to digitize and make the country’s energy infrastructures increasingly modern, safe and resilient. A transformation process in which companies in the e young people will play a fundamental role.

Among the 100 companies that currently have applied to draw on the pool of technical skills trained through Energie per Crescere there are both small companies and large consortia and the numbers are destined to rise throughout the national territory in the face of an audience of about 250. potentially interested suppliers.

How the program works

The Energie program aims in particular to train wire pullers, cable splicers, secondary and PTP substations fitters, LV live operators, operational figures who will have both technical and digital skills as well as adequate training in step with the times also in the field of safety management.

Requests for staff from the companies that join the program come systematized by geographical areas and, in the selection phase, managed by some of the major employment agencies, including Manpower, Orienta, Randstad, Gi-Group, Umana, OpenJobMetis, Synergie. Before starting the training course, candidates can evaluate the proposed place of employment.

Application, training, employment

ELIS coordinates the initiative for the selection, training and identification of professional pathswhich will allow candidates to be hired in one of Enel’s partner companies with a fixed-term contract of 6 months or more and with the possibility of continuation.

L’insertion in the company is preceded by 5 weeks of free training at institutions certified by Accredia for which participants will receive a reimbursement of expenses of 800 euros. To date there are 10 training institutes involved in the program, in addition to Elis: Heading, Agorà, Fasten, Assimpianti, Ecotech, CM Servizi, New Tecna, Dharma, Formamente.

The enrollment in the “Energy to grow” program are open and interested young people can consult the page they will find information and an online application form.

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