False doctor pushed underage girls to anorexia: a 15-year-old girl denounced the social coach Pro-Ana allowing the Postal Police of Trieste and Udine to start the so-called Free Angels operation which led to the identification of the subject.

False doctor pushed underage girls to anorexia, denounced social coach Pro-Ana

False doctor pushed underage girls to anorexia: the intervention of the Postal Police and the Cncpo

A 40-year-old freelancer residing in a Region of Central Italy he created an open group on a social platform through which he pushed underage girls to anorexia. The man described himself on his social profiles and on his personal blog as a doctor despite never having earned his medical degree and defined himself as a social coach Pro-Ana.

The subject, already known to the police as convicted of child pornographywas identified by the Postal Police of Trieste and Udine which availed itself of the collaboration of Cncpo that is the National Coordination Center for online child pornography of the Postal and Communications Police Service of Rome. The operation conducted, however, was baptized as Free Angels operation.

On the web, the subject had managed to lure dozens of minors and, after having conquered the confidencehad begun to induce them to follow risky practices aimed at slimming.

Social coach Pro-Ana reported: reporting of a 15-year-old, identification of the subject and search

Operation Free Angels began when a young woman from 15 years reported the existence of the fake doctor which drove underage girls to anorexia. The 15-year-old who first denounced the dramatic story centered on the social coach Pro-Ana has been hospitalized for months in a pediatric ward in the hospital for disorders of the eating behavior and pathologies resulting from anticonservative acts.

In the course of the investigation, it emerged that the advice that the 40-year-old bestowed on minors included the ban on taking more than 500 calories per dayfrom drink large quantities of water to endure hunger and to take freezing showersto ensure that the body consumes a greater amount of energy.

Furthermore, in the case of the 15-year-old who reported the abuse, it was discovered that the false doctor had convinced the girl to carry out acts of self-harm And document cuts and weight loss by sending photos. In addition, the social coach had managed to get sent too child pornography images and videos in exchange for money and gifts.

With the help of the victim, the Trieste and Udine Postal Police were able to retrieve some chats and multimedia content sent to the 40-year-old via digital forensics acquisition techniques.

The investigations then led to theidentification of man and to one search which made it possible to discover that the subject had already enticed eight other girls in the 48 hours preceding the raid by the police. During the search, they were seized more photos and messages: the documentation is currently being examined by the Postal and Communications Police of Trieste and Udine.

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