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Massimo Bochicchio died in an accident on a motorcycle in via Salaria: who was the VIP broker accused of scam.

Massimo Bochicchio died in an accident, who was the VIP broker accused of scam

Massimo Bochicchio died in a motorcycle accident in via Salaria

In the late morning of Sunday 19 June, around 12:00, Massimo Bochicchio died in a car accident while on board his motorcycle. The accident occurred at the height of number 875 of via Salaria, towards Rome and near the airport. In consideration of the information released so far, it seems that the victim has lost control of the vehicle conducted at high speed, crashing into a wall. Following the impact, the bike has caught fire while Bochicchio is died instantly and was then run over by stake.

The dramatic event made the body recognition. The recognition requested of the victim’s brother, however, is not possible due to the state charred of the body which made it impossible to trace the identity of the subject with certainty. The Prosecutor, therefore, could proceed with theDNA analysis to determine the generalities of the remains. Meanwhile, it is not excluded that the accident may have been caused by one tampering of the two-wheeled vehicle.

In this regard, the victim’s lawyer intervened, Gianluca Tognozziwho stated: “You shouldn’t exploit the death of a person by building a film on something that doesn’t exist. We are awaiting the death certificate which will arrive, as usual in these tragic cases, after the body has been recognized “.

Who was the broker of the VIPs Massimo Bochicchio accused of scam

Massimo Bochicchio, who died in a motorbike traffic accident, was known as the “VIP broker”. In the course of his financial activity he had been accused of having accomplished scams worth millions of euros. According to the accusations of the Public Prosecutor of Rome, among the victims of the broker can be counted characters such as the former coach of the national team, Marcello Lippi; the ambassador Raffaele Trombetta; the Roma striker, Stephan El Shaarawy; or, again, the former Inter coach, Antonio Conte.

The VIP broker passed away about 24 hours after process which would have been celebrated against him at the court of Rome on Monday 20 June. In this circumstance, in fact, Bochicchio should have answered the allegations of fraud arising as a result of the complaints formalized by VIPs and sports personalities who had been his customers.

Pending the trial, the broker was at the House arrest after being placed in custody by the Guardia di Finanza, on the orders of the investigating judge of Rome. Furthermore, together with the house arrest order, a preventive seizure decree of 70 million euros.

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