Game news 6 (unfairly) forgotten games on the Game Boy Advance!

The life of a great catalog console can be cruel! Games are sometimes unfairly dismissed, whether it is due to bad release timing or a concept that currently does not match the expectations of the T-market. Today we will return some exposure to the good Gameboy Advance games that have fallen into ‘oblivion. So, ready to discover the titles?

Kuru Kuru Kururin

Let’s start with a game with a rather singular name, Kuru Kuru Kururin! Does this mean anything to you? It is a puzzle game released in 2001 on Gameboy Advance, also available when the handheld console was launched. Here the player directs a stick in dozens of levels seen from above, with the main goal of not doing so do not touch the edges of the course, at the risk of losing health. Obviously the levels are full of obstacles and you have to pay attention to the rotation speed in order not to lose the game. However, it is possible to turn faster and accelerate the trajectory of the machine. And despite the simple appearance of the latter, it is a helicopter piloted by Kururin, a little bird who goes in search of his ten missing brothers and sisters. Time is running out, we have to save them! Use your reflexes and wits to achieve your goal.

Zone of the Enders: The fist of Mars

We are now interested in the more unknown work of the Zone of the Enders license. While the series is best known for its PS2 action games, Zone of the Enders The Fist of Mars on Gameboy Advance is a tactical RPG but always with a more muscular layer (the presence of a reticle to target enemies). Fights take place like this: on a square playing field, players must first approach the opponent, choose an attack and then line it up with a crosshair. This last phase will therefore have an impact on the damage done to the opponent. Beyond, as is tradition with the series, there is a really rich story with many heroes and dialogue. Many interesting points.


Therefore, ninja-policeman (or sometimes “Ninja Five-O”), we bet you’ve never heard of it! Simply because when it was released, Konami’s title generated very little sales, so much so that it is today one of the rarest games on Gameboy Advance. On eBay there is a copy of it with box, instructions and cartridge 1,000 euros, just that ! The worst part of all of this is that the software was more than solid at the time. We embody Joe Osugi, a ninja responsible for the arrest of a terrorist group. Ninja Five-O then takes the form of a fairly classic 2D action game, but with requirements reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden and realistic heroes like Mortal Kombat. So it’s a shame that the title sold so little!

Saber Wulf

When we talk about the Rare studio, what do you think? Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country and Sea of ​​Thieves, right? Because on our side Saber Wulf immediately comes to mind (no). It’s sort of a spiritual sequel to another game of the same name but released in 1985 on ZX Spectrum. Twenty years later, the series returns to Gameboy Advance thanks to Rare, which is needed here a real summary of what had already decreed its success : colorful and avant-garde graphics – for the medium – a clever mix of platform and puzzle game and good British humor. Its peculiarity: the hero, Sabreman, can only jump and will have to call upon a whole group of creatures to make his way through the levels. Our test, with a 15/20, only condemns “the very repetitive side of the action”.

Mrs. Sia

Now, give way to Lady Sia! No, we’re not talking about the singer of “Chandeler” here, but about an action platform game released in 2001 on Gameboy Advance. One of the first of its kind to reach the handheld console ! The player embodies (as the name suggests) Sia, the warrior princess. Her mission: to annihilate the T’soas, a race of creatures who have declared war on other realms. The search for her thus leads him to go through various levels. A very important task, but Lady Sia is not always so serious! Witness the light dialogues, the graphics whose artistic direction quickly recalls a comic style. In short, there is a lot to look at and the backgrounds often offer detailed decoration. Furthermore, the gameplay is not left out, with phases that will surprise you. A beautiful forgotten adventure.

Wade Hixton’s counter punch

We conclude with an unusual game that will delight the most nostalgic among you: Wade Hixton Counter Punch, which resumes the gameplay of the cult boxing game Punch Out ! Specifically: you face an enemy in the ring and you have to adapt to his fighting style, do everything possible to avoid his blows and send mandals. The Wade Hixton version offers quite original enemies, since your opponent will be a gorilla, a mackerel named Sweetness and even a real party girl. Fun detail: As you rise to become the new local champion, you’ll earn moves to use in combat. The media FandomSpot it also specifies that it is possible to bribe the arbiter for victory. As they say, it’s the result that matters, huh! A forgotten little nugget.

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