The new variant BA.2.75, also known as Centaur, could very well take hold and keep the outbreak active until this winter. To the next.

It is precisely in India that the new BA.2.75 variant has appeared, noted in at least 70 positive test sequences in recent days, indicating the spread of a new Covid lineage. The BA.2.75 or “Centaur” variant is actually a new version of the Omicron BA.2 variant, which is currently dominating in Europe and reigniting the epidemic.

More precisely, it is the Omicron sub-variants (BA2) BA.4 and BA.5 that are essential today in France as confirmed by Santé Publique France, now reaching a peak as evidenced by the sequencing rates.

“The Omicron BA.5 sub-lineage was predominant for two weeks” and now accounts for 67% of interpretable sequences, compared to 18% for BA.2. “, points out Public Health France. “We observe a gradual replacement of BA.2 with BA.5”adds the health authority.

Here is the latest image for the new BA.2.75 sub-lineage (nickname: “Centaurus”) – an evolutionary leap of “2nd generation” from BA.2.

India continues to experience very rapid growth, now up to 23% of recent samples.

Some other samples have been reported in other countries.

– Mike Honey (@Mike_Honey_) July 6, 2022

Yet, with the reports of a new variant, the risk of seeing the epidemic continue to circulate, variant after variant, under strain after underlining, becomes almost inevitable.

The sequences released recently to date reinforce the impression that BA.2.75 is on the rise in India and elsewhere, particularly even compared to BA.5 at least in the Indian context. 1/2

– Ulrich Elling (@EllingUlrich) July 8, 2022

According to early evidence reported by the medical community, nothing indicates that Centaur is more virulent or causes other symptoms, but early scientific data show that it would be more resistant to antibodies.

[#COVID19] New epidemiological update of 07 July 2022
\ u27a1 \ ufe0f Strong increase in the spread of SARS-CoV-2: compliance with combined measures remains essential, especially in this period of summer holidays
\ ud83d \ udcc4 Read the EP

– SantépubliqueFrance (@SantePublicFr) July 8, 2022

The only certainty, it spreads, of course. The Centaur was then spotted in Japan, Australia, Canada, and the United States, among others. Five infections were detected in the UK and another two in Germany.

It is also known that a recent analysis has suggested that “the impact of BA.2.75 will depend on the history of the infection” and that those who have previously had a BA.1 infection would be more vulnerable to reinfection than the variant. BA2.

And while taking into account the impact of BA.2.75 on the outbreak remains unpredictable, experts nevertheless predict that like BA2, Centaur is very likely to spread rapidly to the point of becoming dominant in the weeks and months to come.

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