On Saturday morning, the Minister of Agriculture called on distributors to “take their share” in the face of inflation.

Faced with soaring food prices, various players must engage, the government believes. Asked about France Inter, on Saturday morning the Minister of Agriculture invited large retailers to “take part“, To limit inflation, in particular by increasing promotions that allow consumers to save valuable euros.

On Monday, the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, had proposed the possibility of increasing the ceiling that frames the promotions of food products from 34% to 50%. A means of enabling buyers to benefitcut prices“, according to him. Faced with the protests of the producers, worried about seeing their margin reduced to a trickle, Bercy retraced his steps, abandoning this track the next day.

The basic question of sharing value in the chain is still topical, said Marc Fesneau: “there are a number of cases where the mechanism which would allow promotion is not in place. […] What we see in most cases is that the mass distribution is only 21% (of the maximum promotion, ed)“The players therefore still have room for maneuver to increase temporary reductions, respecting the 34% cap set by Egalim laws, and to limit price increases, he added.

Several actors have recently questioned the price increases affecting food products. In June, according to INSEE, they reached 5.7% in one year, of which 6.2% only for fresh products. A level considered by some to be too high: the Economic Affairs Committee of the Senate, which at the moment is increasing the hearings as part of the work of the Egalim law monitoring group, has promised to draw up an initial assessment of inflation in food on Next July 20. In the National Assembly, the RN group asked for the opening of a parliamentary inquiry on “the real causes of inflation“, An idea also advanced by the CRCE group in the Senate.

For its part, Bercy will launch checks “sector by sector“On food prices, for”see if there are any unacceptable marginsand punish them, announced Bruno Le Maire. The DGCCRF also launched a “single point of contact»Allow companies to report«anomaliesin pricing and identifying abusive behavior.

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