Tonight, “Fort Boyard” offers viewers a return to the past. (Screenshot France 2)

This Saturday, 9 July, France 2 viewers are in great numbers to cheer in front of the new issue of “Fort Boyard”. Tonight, Élodie Gossuin, Bruno Guillon, Amandine Petit, Emilie Broussouloux, Cécile Djunga and Ugo, the famous adventurer from “Koh-Lanta”, face the Fort trials to support Unicef ​​France. Father Fouras has decided to place the evening under the sign of nostalgia thanks to his heritage called “Ghosts of the past”. The opportunity for the faithful of the show to rediscover mythical events and characters of the game. A real treat for Internet users!

This Saturday, July 9, Olivier Minne, Willy Rovelli, Blanche, Rouge, the Masters of Time, Passe-Muraille, Passe-Partout and the entire “Fort Boyard” team receive a new team participating in the name of Unicef France. For this new issue, Élodie Gossuin, Bruno Guillon (both considered the game’s record holders with their eleven participations!), Amandine Petit (Miss France 2021), Emilie Broussouloux, Cécile Djunga and Ugo (former adventurer of “Koh-Lanta”) , faces the trials of Fort Boyard and tonight, for Father Fouras, one thing is certain: his treasure will not fall! The famous custodian of the fort’s treasure has decided to play an important asset: that of the “ghosts of the past”. Father Fouras’s strategy is therefore based on a simple principle: to reconstitute mythical events and bring back to life emblematic characters of the game. “I have decided to bring back, for an evening, mythical events and legendary characters. It is a leap into the past that I will offer you and I know in advance that you are not prepared for this!” Father Fouras launched at the beginning of the program, just before bursting out laughing.

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“A big yes theme tonight!”

It is therefore with lame clamor that the spectators were able to rediscover Luciole, Jaba the Pirate, but also legendary events such as the enigma of Father Fouras from his lookout, the Combattimento (dating back to 1990), the Cottons-tiges (also dating back to 1990) , the Museum (1996), Excalibur (1991) or even the Funambule (1997). Many tweeters have thus returned to infancy … and others, younger, discover certain proofs! One thing is certain, for Internet users tonight’s show is close to a masterclass!

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