The lotus draw on Saturday 9 July 2022 will offer a brand new € 2 million jackpot. To play your grid or to follow the result live, our team is at your disposal. This weekend, brighten up your summer by winning kitty of the day.

Update of 22/07/22 at 20:32: a Saturday night without a millionaire

This Saturday, July 9, 2022 did not make a new millionaire. The € 2 million prize pool just put into play did not eventually find a buyer despite several hundreds of thousands of winning entries. Also, you can check your Loto winnings for free, you may have won one of the intermediate prizes. The next lotus draw will take place on Monday 11 July 2022 with a prize pool of 3 million euros.

If the last Euromillions draw on Friday 8 July has not yet won the record prize pool of 230 million euros, the Loto draw on Wednesday 6 July has already spoken of luck for a Reunion player who has won 16 million euros. EUR. During this draw, more than 700,000 grids won everywhere in France, including 40 players who won € 6,681 by finding 4 of the 5 correct numbers and the Chance number.

Today, if the jackpot is significantly lower for this draw for Saturday 9 July 2022, the dream of leaving richer than rich will remain intact! For this dream to come true, you will need to play at least one grid for this draw of the day.

Play a Loto grid online before 8:15 pm on Saturday 9 July

To hope win the € 2 million Loto jackpotcheck your grids in minutes from the Française des jeux website or from one of the many FDJ outlets in France.

Here are the conditions and key steps to play a grid now in today’s draw:

  1. First, make sure you have a player account open on Otherwise, register here in 5 minutes by accurately filling in all the required data (Your account will need to be verified by scanning the ID copy and the code sent to your address).
  2. Secondly, open the “Lotto” tab and fill in at least one grid with 5 numbers and 1 Chance number. You can also add the 2nd draw option for an additional € 0.80.
  3. Third, pay the gates by 8:15 pm today to be sure to participate in the draw on this Saturday 9th July 2022. You can pay by credit card for a minimum amount of € 5. Of course, if you only play on one grid, you will have € 2.80 left in your FDJ account to play later.

Monday 11th July 2022 € 3,000,000 day Now min dry Play

The results of the Loto FDJ draws on Saturday 9 July 2022 from 20:50

The results of this Lotus draw will be available from 20:50.. The two draws, the main draw followed by the second draw, will be offered free of charge on and almost live. In addition to the two winning combinations, you can also find the ten Loto codes drawn for this Saturday 9 July 2022 and comment on the full winnings report that will be published starting at 21:00.

Don’t forget to have your Loto winnings checked with our free tool before finally throwing away your game receipt.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Loto FDJ

What is the Loto jackpot amount for this Saturday, July 9, 2022?

The Lotus benefits from a new € 2 million remittance this Saturday 9 July 2022. In fact, the draw follows an evening that won on the island of Reunion on the evening of Wednesday 6 July 2022 for a jackpot of 16 million euros.

Until what time can we play the Lotto tonight?

You will be able to play your cards online or at a point of sale until 8.15pm. This Saturday, July 9, 2022 for this classic drawing, the price of a grid will be charged € 2.20 for a single combination, € 3 for a grid with the 2nd drawing option. ▶ Play a Loto grid online here

What time to follow today’s lotus drawing results?

The results of the lotus drawing on this Saturday 9th July will be published in full starting at 20:50. There is no need to find the results first, but you will have unlimited and free access to them almost directly at

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