Game news Red Dead Redemption 2: PS5 and Xbox Series update would be at risk

A few days ago, Rockstar unveiled its plans for the future of Red Dead Redemption II’s Online mode, admitting that the game will now receive less attention than before. This bad news is accompanied by another, as we learn today that RDR2 may never land on the latest generation consoles.

The end of the cowboys

There is a smell of burning Red Dead Redemption II. The fan-favorite Western Rockstar is far from being the priority of its parent, who prefers to take advantage of the multiplayer of his previous game, Grand Theft Auto V. Despite all the community’s love for software,
the studio has never really enriched him like his older brother. A situation that isn’t ready to change since Rockstar just unveiled its roadmap,
confessing once again that he will not receive a major update in the future.

Obviously Red Dead Redemption II and its multiplayer mode are not entirely dead, but Rockstar intends to make sure the minimum to be able to fully dedicate itself to the next GTA. And while the last hopes of the community were placed a potential next-generation upgradeit seems to have stuck on this side as well. A well-known insider recently claimed that the PS5 / Xbox Series version is likely canceled, or at least rejected.

When he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t want to

The information comes to us from Tez2, an insider who regularly shares information about Rockstar games. According to the interested party, the studio would have simply abandoned the idea of ​​bringing the software to the latest generation consoles.

– I guess it’s safe to say now that Red Dead Redemption II will never see a PS5 and Xbox Series X | S version?

– Yes. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard of (this version). Just like their plan to release an improved editor. Everything is canceled / postponed for the moment.

So yes, you have to take the tweezers with this information. First, because Rockstar has never claimed to be working on a Next-Gen version. Then, because Tez2, even if the user is often very well informed, contradicts itself here. In fact, he recently revealed that Rockstar was still working on this update! If the timing of the latter statement suggests that this project is not, or is no longer, in the studio’s pipeline, we’ll have to wait for more information from the Rockstars themselves before we can wrap up anything.

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