After the title of Kate Bush, the piece Puppet Masterpresent in the series Stranger things through the character ofEddie Munson, is experiencing a second wind. For the occasion, the Metallica gang decides to share a duet video with the Hellfire Club leader on tick tock !


Stranger things brings the popular songs of the 80s back to life

Netflix recently released Season 4’s Stranger things in its catalog. If it is described as “the best season in the history of the series” by many fans, it’s because the Duffer Brothers have exceeded the limits of the possible. With a budget of $ 30 million per episode, the creators were able to develop the plots for this sequel to their liking. Of course, in addition to the excellent stories and the acting of the performers of the heroes of Stranger thingsthe science fiction series has been enchanting viewers since 2016 as well thanks to the music and songs that punctuate the episodes.

Surely you know that the series has updated a Kate Bush title, running up that hill, 37 years after its release. Released in 1985, the song was used as a “talisman” by Max who listened tirelessly escape the clutches of Vecna. If at the end of episode 8, the heroine sadly couldn’t hear her to avoid getting caught in the nets of the Upside Down creature, Kate Bush can be eternally grateful to the series. And for good reason, in addition to becoming the most listened to song on Spotify in a month, Run up that hill allowed the singer to collect three world records according to the Guinness Book of Recordsbut also in your pocket over $ 2.3 million in streaming rights since the release of Stranger things.

Puppet Master in top streaming, the Metallica group is in heaven

In volume 2 season 4, Stranger things presents another 1980s title through Hellfire Club frontman Eddie Munson. Indeed, we can see the character played by Joseph Quinn playing the song on the guitar Puppet Master in an attempt to lure upside down bats to save Nancy, Robin and Steve time. Since the episode aired on July 1st, Metallica’s music has just entered # 26 on Spotify’s TOP 50 worldwide. Something to make the Metallica group proud. On Facebook, the members of the group confided in each other “totally blown away” from the scene where the character of Eddie “performs the craziest metal concert ever”.

“It is such an incredible honor to be such an important part of Eddie’s journey and to once again be in the company of all the other amazing artists featured in this series.”they have continued before thank the Duffer brothers for their work : “The way in which [ils] the integration of music into Stranger Things has always been on a higher level, so we were overly excited to not only include Master of Puppets, but to have such a pivotal scene around it. “

Metallica x Eddie Munson, a perfect duo

To celebrate the occasion and ride the success of Stranger thingsthe band paid tribute to Eddie Munson by unveiling a video in which they play the song Puppet Master along with Eddie’s sequence in Upside Down. To make this tribute even more vibrant, the band members all wear the same Hellfire Club shirt that Eddie wore in the footage in question. “Eddie, this is for you!”wrote the group in the caption of its publication.

Unveiled on July 8 on their Tik Tok account, the video caused a sensation among viewers! In fact, in a few hours, has already received more than 1.3 million likes, has collected over 15,000 reactions and has been shared over 78,000 times. If for the moment Joseph Quinn, the interpreter of Eddie Munson has not commented on the Metallica post, Netflix wrote in the comments: Hellfire Club forever.

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At the end of season 4 of Stranger thingsEddie Munson sadly sacrificed to save his friends claws of Vecna ​​and her flying beasts … If fans have already become more than saddened to say goodbye to this adorable character, Joseph Quinn may have an idea to revive the leader of Club Hellfire in the fifth and final season of the series. Rock’n’roll forever!

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