Many Volotea flights have been canceled from Caen Carpiquet Airport.

The vacation start, and many Normans they chose to take the plane to fly to the distant lands of Corsica. It must be said that the prices of flights departing from Caen-Carpiquet airport on his way to the island of beauty he defied all competition. “Basically, the round trip, including insurance, costs 64 euros per person,” explains Damien Fekih, passenger of Ajaccio.

Impact low cost companies

But for him as for dozens of other people, his flight was canceled. For some only a few days before departure, for others a few hours before take-off. From this June 2022Several low-cost airline flights are thus removed from the flight tables without explanation, leaving travelers shocked.

In question? Staff impressed by the COVID-19of the strikes at airports or lack of staff. The reasons are many, but never clearly explained to travelers. In mid-June, EasyJet announced a reduction in its transportation capacity this summer due to a shortage of flight crews. Schiphol airports (Holland), Gatwick or Heathrow a UK also have reduced their activities for the same reasons. This was warned by the CEO of Ryanair, the largest airline in Europe delays and cancellations the flights would continue “for the whole summer”.

Difficulty in recomposing the teams

After months of partial unemployment Due to the epidemic, airports and airlines are struggling, like many other sectors, to recompose their teams. “The whole profession is influenced, from travel agencies to cruise ship suppliers, including airlines, airports … We are all short-staffed!” Confirms Anita Lepresle, head of the Les Vacances d ‘agency Anita of Cherbourg.

In the Cancellation SMS or email, some companies also report a lack of anticipation of the recovery after the Covid period. Others speak of the epidemic. In reality no explanation is provided, but above all no alternative solution is proposed. All the unfortunate Volotea travelers assure him: “It is very difficult, if not impossible, to get the airline on line”. “It’s a premium rate number, at 40 cents a minute and no one answers! Joachim Gires complains.

A solution that is not always obvious

Had to go back to Marseilleafter visiting his family for a few days They lack. He had to work hard to find a solution. Like him, dozens of testimonies appear here and there, on the Internet to complain about these regular cancellations since June.

And it’s not just the low cost sector that is being hit. “So we had an Air France plane that canceled its flight at the last moment! “Says Anita Lepresles. But travelers didn’t have that many worries.

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“By crossing an agency, we are committed to finding a solution for you within 24 hours. “

Anita Lepresles

A benefit for travelers often considered. Especially after the Covid period. “Many customers have had bad experiences with canceled flights that are difficult to refund. We have gained new customers, ”he explains. For its part, the aeronautical data company Cirium recorded 7,870 canceled flights in June Germanyin the United Kingdom, a Francein Italy It’s inside Spain. Three times more in this same period than in 2019.

Hundreds of misadventures

The suitcases are ready, for months they have imagined their feet in the sun. But an email or a text message can ruin everything: “flight canceled”. “At first you wonder if it’s a fraudulent email. We are quite incredulous, “says Daphné Eudine.

“I immediately spent over an hour and a half in front of the computer trying to find a way back home. I was in Carentan for the weekend but I absolutely had to be at work on Monday morning, a day and a half later! “Says Joachim Gires again.

Like them, many travelers departing from Caen or Nantes had to find a solution more or less quickly in order not to give up on their holidays. They all have one thing in common: they had to fend for themselves to find a solution. “Volotea offered us another flight but on completely different dates or from a different airport than the return one. With the rental of the house already done and the return flight that we could no longer change, it was impossible, ”explains Daphné Eudine.

Audrey Rauscher only had a few hours to turn around as she was enjoying the city of Barcelona for a weekend. “We had to take the return flight at 21:35 when we received the SMS announcing the cancellation at 17:35”, explains the Valognese. Immediately, she and the other three people accompanying her found a Blablabus. “We also went to the airport. There was no flight for the next two days, people were complaining, the airport stewardesses tried to answer travelers’ questions in the best possible way but they themselves could not contact the company on the phone. Eventually a ticket was offered for a meal and a night in the hotel, a bus had to be prepared the next day but was canceled again very quickly ”. Audrey chooses her Blablabus option and after hours of traveling “without toilets and in basic comfort”, she has arrived home safe and sound.

Then the accounts remained to be done. Audrey had to pay an extra 100 euros for her bus ticket and she still hasn’t been able to get all her tickets refunded. Joachim Gires added 260 euros to finally leave by train, and 90 euros, the simple return flight, was reimbursed. The bill is even heavier for Daphne. “At that moment, ticket prices exploded. We found one still with a stopover in Marseille, it extends the journey and above all… it costs us 1,000 euros more ”, she complains.
What leaves a bad taste in the mouth of these parties, for some, not yet started.


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