Game news The Callisto Protocol: A phenomenal collector’s edition for the game, pre-orders are open

Dead Space’s heir will arrive soon. to celebrate the occasion, the Striking Distance teams have created several editions for us, including a colossal collector’s item. Scheduled for December 2nd, the game is already on pre-order. Except for a few details.

Serious assets in his spacesuit

Fans of horror and science fiction should be delighted at the end of the year with the release of The Callisto protocol. The project has serious arguments that could very well make it a must of its kind. And for good reason, if the first few images immediately evoke dead spacethis is quite normal since the director of this new project is none other than Glen Schofield, co-creator of the horrifying saga of Electronic Arts and Visceral Games! With such kinship, fans therefore have a right to expect a true space horror experience.

The Callisto Protocol: A phenomenal collector's edition for the game, pre-orders are open

After detailed highlighting during the month of June as part of the Summer Game Fest as well as the presentation of the software gore systemthe game will arrive on our consoles (and PCs) soon as expected on December 2 of this year. A little more patience before you can throw yourself into weightlessness to attack monstrous creatures. And before you see The Callisto Protocol land, you should know that the app is already available for pre-order. It is also possible to pre-order the Collector’s Edition of the game, under certain conditions.

A superb collector’s edition … but not confirmed by us

Striking Distance had already detailed the contents of the different editions of the game during the month of June. With no prices or images, the studio left us a little unsatisfied. But as pre-orders are open, we’ve just been entitled to the first image of one of the collector’s editions. Because yes, it should be noted that this edition is exclusive to GameStop, the American video game sales channel. It is therefore not certain that this edition is available in France, at least with exactly the same content.

The Callisto Protocol: A phenomenal collector's edition for the game, pre-orders are open

For the moment, the pre-order of this edition is not available from us on the game website. We think this collector will be the same in France, but caution is the mother of safety. If you were also planning to bring this beautiful content to you, you will need to plan on a small budget. Count $ 250 to acquire the game, its steelbook, figurine, pins, comic, digital content and the Season Pass. The sum should be equivalent in France. It’s expensive, but when you love you don’t count. It should also be remembered that this edition does not include the PC version, but only concerns the console versions. If you wish to opt for the other editions, You can now pre-order the game via this link, which will be delivered to you later on December 2nd. What to wait before the Dead Space remake arrives before the name.

The Callisto Protocol: A phenomenal collector's edition for the game, pre-orders are open

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