Cette astuce simple et magique permet d'économiser plus de 700 euros sur vos factures d'énergie

Changing some consumption habits and acquiring good reflexes: this is the recent strategy for energy saving. Today we explain how to bring down the electricity bill.

Don’t forget to change the bulbs!

As we know, it is not the bulbs that consume the most. They are believed to represent, on average, 10% of the annual bill. But some people buy light bulbs that consume a lot more. What to increase this percentage. While there are bulbs specially designed to save energy. Therefore, it would be wrong for him to deprive himself of it.

Therefore, the bulbs that consume the least are called ” compact fluorescent“. More simply, they can also be called ” energy saving light bulb“. In addition to saving you money, they are environmentally friendly. They use up to five times less energy than older bulbs. So, of course, they take longer to diffuse a light at full power. But once you see your bills drop, you won’t care.

Which appliances consume the most?

It is important to know first of all that this list needs to be nuanced. For example, some devices consume a lot of energy, but are only used occasionally. Therefore, they do not play a significant role in increasing the electricity bill. Others, on the other hand, consume little, but are continuously connected. It is therefore not so important to know which devices consume the most on paper, but rather which devices you can unplug more regularly to save money.

Unsurprisingly, heating is the device that consumes the most electricity. It may not be used all year round, but its consumption is high enough for it to hit the top spot. There really isn’t a money-saving trick. Obviously it is essential, in winter, to heat the house so as not to suffer from the cold. But don’t panic, you can save money on all the other products we will mention. For example, the oven comes first, tied to the stove. To spend less energy, it’s time to invest in a convection oven or combi oven. The savings will be significant.

Remember to disconnect any devices you are not using.

As seen above, light bulbs represent on average 10% of the bill. On the other hand, the washing machine raises the bill. Simple tricks allow you to wash clothes less often. Remember not to make cars when the drum is not full. Likewise, do without an energy-intensive dryer and air dry your clothes. It’s slower, but it’s free.

Devices like televisions and computers are also hungry for energy. When you’re not using them, you can unplug them. It’s simple, even when they’re on standby or turned off they consume energy. If they’re unplugged, they don’t cost money. Likewise, when you are not charging your cell phone, tablet or other item that needs to be recharged, do not leave empty chargers on an outlet. Unplug them. These are a few cents that are saved every month. At the end of the year the difference is felt.

If you disconnect all unnecessary items, you can save up to 80 euros per year. To give you an idea, 80 euros is the money you spend if you leave seven light bulbs on 24/7 for a whole year. It wouldn’t occur to you, would it? So the time has come to have the right reflex, to unplug all those products you use occasionally: coffee machine, television, computer, food processor … It’s a very simple trick that doesn’t take a lot of time.

By following these tips, you will find that the savings are real. And since inflation hits us hard and drives prices up, let’s assume you’re not averse to lowering your electricity bill.

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