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Faced with the unwavering support of the West for Ukraine, the Russian president has announced that he could move on to “serious things”.

This is a new threat from Vladimir Putin to Westerners. “Today we feel that they want to defeat us on the battlefield. What about. Let them try. Everyone must know that we haven’t started serious things yet.”Vladimir Putin said. As the entire G20 meets in Indonesia, this declaration is not just a military challenge. The message is also political, addressed to Western leaders. “Whenever there is a major summit, Putin takes the opportunity to send thunderous messages. Putin’s barely veiled threat is that if the Ukrainians continue, if the West and NATO continue to support Zelensky, we will continue. with Zelensky. “explains Peer de Jong, a specialist in geopolitics at Themiis Institute

A new phase of the conflict would then open, with two possibilities in the coming weeks. “We’ll see what happens. Either a negotiation operation taking place, which is perfectly possible, or a military operation continuing in the south to bring Zelensky to his knees.”, says Peer de Jong. On the part of the G20, tensions increased in the face of Western criticism on Friday 8 July. Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, left the discussion table.

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