This Sunday, July 10, Capucine Anav announced great news to her Instagram subscribers: she’s pregnant! A joy for the 31-year-old woman she craved “make a family”.

The continuation under this announcement

It’s Valentine’s Day Nasturtius Anav he had made the most beautiful announcement. The former columnist TPMP confirmed on her Instagram page that she is engaged to her partner, Victor. From the start of their relationship in late 2019, the former reality show candidate had remained very discreet about the identity of her loved one. In the wake of the announcement of the engagement, the young woman had revealed her face for the first time. This Sunday, July 10, the 31-year-old made another big announcement to her followers on her Instagram: she’s pregnant! “The best thing I have to tell you today is that I’m actually not that bad at math…. 1 + 1 = 3“, She wrote in the caption of a shot in which we see her posing with her boyfriend… and a slightly rounded belly!

Capucine Anav is expecting her first child!

Capucine Anav has every reason to say there is “paradiso” (paradise in English) below his post on Instagram. In a few months, the former candidate Secret Story will become a mother for the first time! A happiness for those who have had it “final dream” from “make a family”. But to do this, she still had to find love. “I have really found it several times, but I had not yet fallen on the right one, the one I now call the man of my life. It’s done“, Tells the one who lived in the past a long relationship with Louis Sarkozy.

Getting pregnant is not easy “

After you found Victor, you had to do it “find the right time”. From her words, we understand that lovers may have had a hard time conceiving. Getting pregnant isn’t easy. The struggle was long, full of pitfalls. Tears, doubts, this fear of not getting there and not realizing my dream“, he says. In his caption he also thanks a therapist who allowed him to do so “conceive this child naturally”. Now that her pregnancy is over “fragile” (specifies to be a 18 weeks of pregnancy, note), Capucine Anav is happy to announce the news to its community, which includes over 1.4 million people on Instagram. But what about her future marriage? Will she marry her baby bump? In the comments, the young woman answered this question. He announces that he will have it “already given birth” before putting the ring on your finger. The wedding will then wait!

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