The SNPNC-FO flight crew union, representing the hostesses and stewards of the airline Transavia France, a subsidiary of Air France-KLM, is calling for a strike from Wednesday 13 July to Sunday 17 July.

In a statement released on Sunday 10 July, the union asked for wage increases and denounced the working conditions of the crews of the low cost company.

This call for strike comes in a particularly tense context in air travel at the start of the summer holidays. On Friday 8 July, employees of Parisian airports voted to lift the strike notice after obtaining wage increases, at the last minute before the influx of large holiday departures began.

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A first weekend saved

Gathered in a general assembly in Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle, these employees ratified an agreement that provides for a general increase of 3% for all employees of the ADP group, manager of airport facilities, noted a reporter from Agence France. -Presses. Added to this 3% increase is a revaluation of the pay grids and an update of the salary of approximately 1,800 employees whose salaries are below the reference level of 2019, according to the details communicated by the CGT.

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In 2021, employees of ADP, a state-owned company, agreed to cut their salaries to help the company overcome the Covid-19 crisis. The group also implemented a voluntary redundancy plan and pledged to ensure that wages return to pre-crisis level as soon as the effects of the latter on traffic have dissipated.

The end of the conflict avoided disruptions at airports in the Paris region, which sees an influx of tens of thousands of travelers in this first weekend of major summer departures. The prospects of canceling flights had already vanished on Thursday with the signing of an initial agreement between the ADP group and the company’s firefighters who also asked for an upgrade. The firefighters’ action, which began on June 30, led to the preventive suppression of hundreds of flights departing from or arriving at Roissy, France’s main airport last week.

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