On Saturday night, France 3 tops the audience with a retransmission of “Mongeville”, the series embodied by Francis Perrin. The episode entitled “Le bal des tartuffes”, with Marisa Berenson as a guest, intrigued an average of 2.83 million viewers, according to Médiamétrie in the previous days. The share is 18.3% among children aged four and over (4+).
Last week, “Mongeville”, also in replay, dominated the competition, with 3.26 million followers, or 20.7% share.

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TF1 follows in second place with “Les 12 coups: le combat des maîtres. Spécial 12 ans”, conducted by Jean-Luc Reichmann. The grand finale of this competition among the best candidates of the midday match gathered in front of 2.65 million French, or 17.0% of individuals aged four and over (4+). The game only gets a 16.8% market share among purchasing managers women under 50 (FRDA-50), the channel’s favorite commercial target.
The second part of the game, from 10:40 pm to 11:50 pm, was followed by 2.71 million followers, or 23.5% of the audience ahead of Xavier’s victory (21.8% FRDA-50).
The first part of the “Combat des maîtres, special 12 ans” brought together 2.92 million players, representing 18.4% of the spectators who watched television last Saturday (17.6% FRDA-50).

“Fort Boyard” on the rise

France 2 is in third place with “Fort Boyard”, the adventure game hosted by Olivier Minne. For the Unicef ​​France association, Elodie Gossuin, Bruno Guillon, Amandine Petit, Emilie Broussouloux, Cécile Djunga and Ugo (“Koh-Lanta”) gave everything to pass the tests of Father Fouras, in front of 2.53 million game fans Their research captivated 17.3% of the entire audience. Among the female commercial target, adventure games are the leader with a market share of 28.4%.
Last Saturday the launch of the new season of “Fort Boyard” brought together 2.23 million adventurers (14.8% 4+ / 27.6% FRDA-50).

M6 is at the foot of the podium with the American series “NCIS”. The broadcast of season 19 was interrupted in May, at the 14th episode. Last night 1.23 million serifiles responded to the only new episode of the evening, which represents a share of 7.8% of the total audience and 12.6% of the FRDA-50.
In the Tuesday box, theThe two unreleased seasons of the 19th had convinced an average of 1.91 million followers, or 9.1% of the audience aged 4 and up.

As for the other channels, France 5 dominates with its escape magazine “Echappées Belles”, produced by Bô Travail. Jérôme Pitorin spent a “Weekend in Saint-Malo” with 1.14 million holidaymakers, or 7.4% of the public who fell in love with this ancient pirate bastion.
Last Saturday, Ismael Khelifa set out to discover “La Vallée de la Roya” along with 989,000 travelers, representing 6.3% of the public.

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