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The expansionist desires of Vladimir Putin and the Russian government do not seem to want to stop with Ukraine. After the threats from the Russian president, this time he was the speaker of the parliament threatening the United States to try to recover Alaska.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, there has been no shortage of threats from Vladimir Putin and Russian leaders. On July 7, the Russian president once again challenged the United States and Europe to fight them. “Westerners want to defeat us on the battlefield. What can they say? Let them try,” he said during a meeting with the leaders of the parliamentary groups.

There was talk of another threat, this time from the president of the Duma (lower house of the Russian Assembly), Viatcheslav Volodin. Close to Vladimir Putin, he threatened the United States to take back Alaska.

The desire to reclaim Alaska is not new to the Russians, who have hinted at it often over the past decade. In March 2022, Oleg Matveychev, a member of the Duma, had asked the United States to return “all Russian properties, those of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and today’s Russia”. Vladimir Putin himself had already mentioned it in 2014. So why does this American territory seem to be in Russia’s crosshairs?

A former territory of the Russian Empire

Vladimir Putin wastes the time of the Russian Empire. So recovering Alaska would be a tremendous achievement for him. This American territory is located just five kilometers from Russia, in the Bering Strait.

At the end of the XVIIIAnd century, in 1784, the first permanent Russian colony in Alaska was founded and a few years later (1799) the Russo-American Company was created.

This commercial monopoly will allow for the expansion of the Russian Empire into North America. Russia then gradually moved to Alaska with several colonies, but they were bought by the US government for $ 7.2 million in March 1867 (about $ 144 million today).

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy joked on Twitter, “Good luck! We have hundreds of thousands of Alaskan citizens and armed servicemen who will see things differently.”

A threat that seems very complex to carry out by the members of the Kremlin but which allows “Moscow to awaken the patriotism of its population”, as Carole Grimaud Potter explains to TF1info. A way to show the people that Russia does not intend to allow itself to face sanctions from the United States and Europe.

One mission: to make Ukraine disappear

The taking of Ukraine is also a symbol of Vladimir Putin’s nostalgia for the Russian territory’s past. For him, Ukraine does not deserve to exist and should belong to Russia, as in the 19th centuryAnd century.

The country has suffered from the violence of the fighting for more than four months and civilians are regular victims. This Sunday, July 10, an apartment building was again targeted by air strikes in eastern Ukraine, at least 15 people are believed to have died so far.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, accused Moscow of “deliberately and intentionally targeting simple houses, civilian objects and people”.

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