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Many French people will benefit from this revaluation of the social benefits provided for by the purchasing power bill. (© Illustration / the Evreux Dispatch)

Objective : protect the purchasing power of the French. For several days, the government has multiplied announcements and promises of financial aid, in an inflationary context.

A package of measures is also part purchasing power bill, presented on Thursday 7 July, following a Council of Ministers. Another part has been in effect since the beginning of the month.

In both cases, a large number of French people will benefit from this revaluation of social benefits. Let’s take stock.


The good news was announced on 7 June by the Prime Minister herself: the withdrawals it should be updated from 4% from 1 July 2022.

Now it’s done, and this boost benefits 18 million French men and women who receive the old-age pension.

For example, with this revaluation, a basic retirement pension of 1,200 euros per month in 2021 will benefit from an additional 49 euros per month from 1 July 2022. This is an increase of 62 euros per month in 2022 taking into account the revaluation that has taken place. last January.

Beware, though, the project is only about compared to the basic pension. The complementary type Agirc-Arrco are not placed under the management of the state. Consequently, the latter has no control over a possible revaluation on this front. It all depends on the unions and the employers.

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An increase of 1.1% had already been decided at the beginning of 2022, according to a formula in force since 2016 [les retraites et les prestations sociales sont revalorisées chaque année, au 1er janvier ou au 1er avril, en fonction de l’inflation, ndlr.]

CAF recipients

Same scheme as for pensions: people eligible for social benefits and / or social minimums will benefit from a re-evaluation of 4% thanks to the purchasing power invoice.

Among the Caf services affected by this 4% variation: Family allowancesthe Income from solidarity work (RSA) and the activity bonus (already revalued by 1.8% last April).

For example, a full-rate RSA beneficiary will see his benefit revalued by € 21 per month, from € 516 to € 537.

Similarly, on the side of family allowances, with this increase of 4%, a single-parent family without resources with two children earns an extra 17 euros per month (3 euros of back-to-school allowance, 5 euros of family allowances
and 9 euros of family allowance).

In total, 1.9 million families are beneficiaries of RSA, 4.5 million people receive the activity bonus, six million families receive family allowances.

How much will it cost the state?

According to the government, the revaluation of family benefits represents a cost of 500 million euros in 2022 and 300 million euros in 2023.

People with APL

Personal housing assistance (APL), according to what was announced on June 27 by the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire, is also part of the revalued aid.

It is then updated by 3.5% to “protect those who have greater difficulties: families, young people, families who need them most”, to quote the minister.

This decision is a turnaround by the executive, which in 2017 decided to lower the APL by 5 euros per family. They had not known each other since only a very slight increase (up to + 0.41%) in October 2021 due to inflation.

Near seven million people receive housing aid (APL, ALS and ALF), according to the Vie Publique website. APLs directly affect 5.8 million families, of which 2.6 million in social housing and nearly 800,000 students.


“To help those who need it most, especially the young and the most vulnerable, we are improving social benefits and scholarships based on social criteria,” Elisabeth Borne said on 7 July.

Complementary measure of the purchasing power bill, university scholarships they will be too revalued by 4% at the beginning of the 2022 school year. “A historic increase, taking into account
this extraordinary situation and which is added to the revaluations of + 3.3% approved in the previous five-year period ”, exults the government in a report sent to the media.

Near 750,000 students now they have a scholarship to continue their higher education.

It should also be noted that the meal at the university restaurant for one euro, established two years ago by the Castex government for scholarship students, is renewed for the university year. From 2020, nearly 32 million meals one euro was served by CROUS, according to the government.

Parents eligible for ARS

We remain on the subject of studies and schooling, with this time the return to school allowance (ARS).

this little push, welcome for many families awaiting the start of the school year, is paid every year to families with one or more children who attend school. The ARS can go up to almost 410 euros, depending on the age of the child.

Compared to the beginning of the 2021 academic year, the ARS was revised upwards in 2022, to approximately +7 euros.

looking for a job

The information dropped at the end of June and the revaluation took place on July 1, 2022: the unemployment benefit have been increased this year.

The board of directors of Unédic (association entrusted by public service delegation with the management of unemployment insurance in France) has registered a revaluation + 2.9% of the indemnity.

The minimum allowance rises to € 30.42 per day, against the current € 29.56.


In total, 2.1 million beneficiaries they were able to take advantage of this revaluation, ie the vast majority of the unemployed – 95% of the unemployed are compensated by unemployment insurance.

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