If you think you can make a fortune with digital or technology, Bill Gates has already changed course: he is accumulating farmland in the United States.

It’s been a long time since Bill Gates retired Microsoft focus on its philanthropic activities. And these work well for him. Even though he’s no longer at Microsoft, the man he created wealth in technology continues to hit the headlines, but far from metaverse and Web 3.0 occupying this area. Bill Gates has just made a major land acquisition in the United States.

Bill Gates now owns the equivalent of 10 times the area of ​​the city of Paris.

Bill Gates becomes the largest individual landowner in the United States

During his years at Microsoft, the 66-year-old managed to become the richest man in the United States and the world. But all of that is way behind him now. In addition to these technological pursuits, Gates found something else to occupy his time with: land acquisition.

lands, the founder of Microsoft now he has plenty of it. A few days ago, in fact, the State of Dakota validated a plan for Bill Gates to purchase 850 hectares of agricultural land. A success for the Seattle native who sees his capital increase. The 850 hectares add to the more than 100,000 owned by him. It is now counted approximately 1100 km² of agricultural land. What he intends to make profitable, since he will rent them to farmers.

With this recent purchase, Bill Gates now owns the equivalent of 10 times the area of ​​the city of Paris. That may still change, as only individual landowners can purchase land in Dakota.

Land acquisition: wealth and power

At a time when Meta is committed to the metaverse and the other rich are rushing cryptocurrency, Bill Gates continues to purchase large-scale agricultural land. You may be wondering why?

The richness ! American farmland is one of the sources of wealth the most valuable due to their stable and relatively high price. There has been an increase in agricultural land purchases so far and it is expected to increase exponentially. This trend is already gaining momentum with the rate demographic growth current and changing demographics in the United States.

The main drivers of this acquisition are the increased demand for food production. What was accentuated with the war in Ukraine and the politics of local production implemented by many states. Investing in agricultural land would therefore be very profitable. And the coming into play of Warren Buffett just confirms it. The strongman at Apple plans to invest up to $ 25 billion to own 1% of American land.

In addition, the land acquisition represents the power. Owning such a large amount of land would allow these men to have some control over production. Their decision could therefore weigh heavily on the scales when it comes to food. To that end, the land Bill Gates recently acquired was acquired with Campbell Farms. The latter currently manages the potato production regions.

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