The Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, wants it “middle class” benefit from targeted fuel aid that will replace the tariff shield on energy prices next year, he explained on Sunday 10 July in an interview with LCI.

On the sidelines of the Aix-en-Provence Economic Meetings, the Minister said:

“It is important to help the working middle classes, who run the nation, to put it simply, and who have no choice but to drive to work. Personally, I will be very careful that these middle classes, who sometimes stick out their tongues because fuel increases, which increases everything, can also continue to work: they are the strength of the nation, they make businesses, factories, administration work. “

For example, Bruno Le Maire specified:

“A single woman with two children, who receives 3,000 euros in income a month, has a substantial income: for me she must be entitled to this help. A couple who has two children and each of whom earns 1,800 euros, or 3,600 euros with two children, is already an important level of income, but not very high, it is the middle class: for me this family should be entitled to this allowance. “

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A “simple” device.

“I don’t want to anticipate the debate, this is the proposal I am making. Later, of course, I am open to the National Assembly to discuss this matter with the parliamentarians “He added. “It’s a really nice political debate: who are we helping? up to what level? for what purpose? “

In addition, the Minister of Economy has promised a device ” simple “ :

“On the website of the General Directorate of Public Finance, register your car (…) and receive this remuneration. We will also do something completely new: it is the Directorate-General of Public Finance, at my request, that will send SMS, send e-mails to the people who are entitled to this allowance. “

“We will take a proactive approach”he concluded.

On Thursday, the government announced that targeted aid to people driving their cars to work will replace the general 18-cent discount on the price of a liter of fuel in October, which will gradually decline, and then stop permanently in December.

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