In France, as in many other countries, the car fleet tends to age. The 2021 Technical Inspection Report, provided by the UTAC Central Technical Organization (OTC), provides a new illustration of this. It shows that 27% of the cars that passed this exam last year were over 15 years old. But another statistic challenged us even more: that of 200,000 km and beyond. This ceiling, often feared, was in fact exceeded by 21.82% of the vehicles examined. This still represents more than 3.7 million cars last year! This rather impressive figure confirms that many drivers tend to keep their cars running for a long time, sometimes by choice… and very often because they can’t afford to do otherwise. The surge in prices of new models in recent months does not bode well for a short-term turnaround.

A high rate of counter-visits

pollution control
The risk of receiving a technical inspection counter-visit increases with the age and mileage of the vehicles.

From an ecological point of view, not everyone necessarily considers this long lifespan to be bad news. It goes against the famous planned obsolescence. In a recent study, almost 64% of French people also replied that they believe that buying used is more responsible for the environment than buying new. This percentage even rises to 79% among the under 35s, who do not seem to approve “anti-classic car” political mechanisms such as the conversion bonus or low-emission zones! But the flip side of this longevity is that the rate of counter-visits for technical inspections tends to rise with mileage. It goes from 19.41% on average to 25.30% between 150,000 and 200,000 km, then even to 33.27% after 200,000 km. A third of these vehicles are therefore rejected, at least temporarily. With sometimes pollution control systems that no longer play their role well, especially on diesels.

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The Peugeot 307 takes its revenge

peugeot 307 200,000 km
No. 1 – Peugeot 307: 150,140 examples. over 200,000 km
Peugeot 206 at 200,000 km
No. 2 – Peugeot 206 and 206+: 144,016 copies. over 200,000 km

As for the list of models that reach 200,000 km more often, it has some surprises in store. In 2021, according to UTAC-OTC, in fact we find in the first place a certain Peugeot 307, which however had experienced many reliability problems in its early days. Over time, the compact lion, which had made good progress on this point with its restyling, thus seems to have regained a certain serenity. A SW station wagon version has also recently made headlines, passing the milestone of one million kilometers! His little sister Peugeot 206, which was the best-selling used car over 8 years old in 2021, came second here. While the Renault Clio 2 climbs to the third step of the podium, far ahead of its replacement. But other less popular models in France are also illustrated, such as the Citroën Xsara Picasso or the fifth and sixth generation of Volkswagen, grouped by the OTC.

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Renault Clio 2 0 200 000 km
No. 3 – Renault Clio 2: 121,253 examples. over 200,000 km
Renault Clio 3 great mileage
No. 4 – Renault Clio 3: 87,082 examples. over 200,000 km

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