UNITED STATES – A great family reunion. On Saturday, July 9, former US President Donald Trump held a meeting in Anchorage, Alaska to support Sarah Palin, possibly the one who led the Republican Party’s great reactionary and populist turn in the United States. A city hall meeting that saw Trump … do Trump.

In front of a conquered audience and next to the one who had been chosen as vice president by John McCain during the 2008 elections he definitively lost to Barack Obama (and a certain Joe Biden), the 45th president of the United States has in fact reviewed all its main themes: the Covid pandemic and vaccines, global warming, its democratic (or republican) opponents, the media landscape or even the electoral system …

“I’m for weapons, God and oil”

And half-wordly confirming that he will be a candidate in the next presidential elections of 2024, without making official statements, he summarized his plan for the United States as follows: “I am for arms, God and oil”. All this amid thunderous applause.

“Chinese virus” and rising waters

Because the public got what he came for: a former head of state convinced of the imminent victory of his ideas, ready for all excesses (including uttering the word “fuck”, the great taboo of American public life) and hammering the speech he held throughout his presidency.

So, on the subject of climate change, for example, Donald Trump did not hesitate to say that at the moment there were “problems bigger than that” and that, at worst, rising waters would offer “some properties with a view. additional sea, which is not the worst thing in the world ”.

Same tone on the coronavirus – “or as some rightly call it the ‘Chinese virus'” – a topic on which the former president praised his leadership. And the one who had been booed in previous meetings for having pronounced the word “vaccine” in front of an audience very opposed to vaccination to continue on its crest line: “And in terms of treatment there is a word that I cannot pronounce, but that too, we did it in nine months when we were told it would take five years, twelve years … We did a crazy job!

Big political victory in November?

A long session of self-celebrations during which Donald Trump also ventured on social paths, always to the delight of his audience, as when he spoke at length on the topic of trans women in high-level sport. A projection that greatly amused the room when he spoke of “records exploded of 38 seconds” or mimicked a weightlifting competition easily won by a trans athlete.

Ditto when you make fun of Ketanji Brown Jackson, the progressive black judge appointed to the Supreme Court by Joe Biden, or attack Elon Musk, the man who just gave up buying Twitter. Donald Trump, who explained that he anticipated this withdrawal, actually boasted this “fucking liar”: “The other day he said he never voted for a Republican when he assured him that he voted for me. .. A good opportunity for the billionaire to advertise “Truth”, the competing social network he launched after being banned from all platforms following the invasion of the Capitol.

A logorrhea that we will know in November if he has allowed the election of Sarah Palin. On occasion midterm which will serve to renew all 435 seats in the American House of Representatives, the former governor of Alaska will in fact try to succeed the Republican Don Young, elected for 49 years until his death last March. An election would surely allow Sarah Palin to regain national stature and Donald Trump to gain a loyal ally.

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