FILM IN CUBAN NETWORK. Directed by Olivier Assayas, the Cuban Network film is the adaptation of a book by Fernando Morais, which traces the true story of the five Cuban spies.

France 2

France 2
Sunday 10 July at 9.05 pm

16/9 | Only above 10

[Mis à jour le 10 juillet 2022 à 20h30] Cuban Network is a drama film by Olivier Assayaz which adapts the book “Os Últimos Soldados da Guerra Fria” (The Last Soldiers of the Cold War) by Fernando Morais. This tells the story of the five Cuban spies, a true story that took place in 1900 in the United States. In 1997 there were several bomb attacks on hotels in Havana. In 1998, five Cubans were arrested in the United States, accused of spying. They are convicted of espionage, conspiracy and murder plot, allegedly targeting the US military command and four groups of anti-Castro exiles.

The Cuban government denied for three years that the five officers belonged to the intelligence services of Havana, before changing the subject. Two of the spies were released in October 2011 and February 2014, the other three in December 2014, as part of an exchange between Cuba and the United States. Olivier Assayas had to carry out a real research and simplification work to adapt this dense and very factual book on the big screen. For the director, the story of the “five Cubans” represents “a fragment of contemporary history that cinema has never really dealt with”. What attracted him was the complexity of contemporary politics that underlies this case. “And above all, there was a larger picture, where the intimate and the universal were mixed, individuals caught in the wheels of politics and history”.

Synopsis – At the beginning of the 90s, some Cuban citizens, seeing the collapse of the Soviet bloc as a possible weakening of the regime of Fidel Castro, decided to act to accelerate its fall. While some anti-Castroites remained stationary, others went into exile in Florida to prepare guerrilla actions there. Among them, there is René Gonzalez Sehweret. He does not hesitate to abandon his wife Olga and daughter to defend his ideals. On the spot he meets members of the network, partly financed by drug trafficking, such as Juan Pablo and his girlfriend Ana Margarita or even Gerardo. “The network of wasps”, bringing together men loyal to Fidel, tries to undermine their project …

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