UNITED STATES – “I love this guy! How could anyone not like a guy in a shirt like that? On Saturday, July 9, in Anchorage, Alaska, Donald Trump was on conquered land. For her big rally in support of Sarah Palin, aiming for an election to the House of Representatives during the midterm in November, the former US president addressed an audience of fans, all delighted to see their hero so vehement.

And while Donald Trump was only talking about his ambition to win back the White House in 2024, the billionaire’s eye rested on one detail: two people in the audience wearing a special outfit.

“Take them to the stage, I want everyone to see it,” he then launched, asking the crowd to help his two supporters join him at the desk. And what was the joy of the assistance when they discovered a man and woman dressed in t-shirts adorned with multiple portraits of Donald Trump. All under the cries of the interested party: “I want one too and I’ll make my next meeting”.

“Take off those T-shirts and give them to me”

“I want this shirt, I want them both,” he continued to throw as the pair descended into the pit to applause from the audience. And this after a handshake in which the two supporters of the former president seemed very impressed to meet him.

The moment chosen for Donald Trump to continue doing the show, he the former TV host and used to mimes and other sketches during his meetings. “Come on, take off those shirts and give them to me, I want them now!”

And while Donald Trump had resumed his speech to praise the “Maga movement” (for “Make America Great Again”, the slogan of his election campaign in 2016), the man has in fact stripped to give the famous head to the ex President. Whether he will actually wear it during his next public gathering remains to be seen. We imagine that once again the public will appreciate …

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