On June 24, everything changed radically for Antoine Lenoir. The 19 year old, seen in Don’t forget the lyrics in May 2021 he lost control of his vehicle on a slippery road in the Somme – RD1017 in Fresnes-Mazancourt – and was hit by a truck. Despite attempts at resuscitation by a motorist, Antoine died of his injuries.

Viewers should have had the opportunity to see him one last time at work on the France 2 music program on Friday 8 July, where he tried his luck again. But his relatives ultimately decided otherwise. From the beginning of the episode, Nagui spoke to explain the situation. “This evening, we had to broadcast the fourteenth game of Natacha’s course. This match pitted him against Antoine, we recorded it a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, a few days ago, Antoine suffered a tragic accident. His disappearance made all his friends mourn, obviously the team of Don’t forget the lyrics. And we are wholeheartedly with his family, with his loved ones and with his friends.“said the host.

He later revealed that “family members did not want this show to air“.”Of course, we respect their pain and respect their decision. This is why I now suggest that you review Natacha’s career“, he announced. And it is just then a retrospective on the path of the young Master that has been revealed instead.

He wanted to be a manager or manager in a restaurant

Recall that Antoine’s family has not spoken publicly about his disappearance. Instead, she was speaking to the principal of her professional high school. “It is a tragedy. Antoine had studied with us for five years and was due to receive his BTS degree in hotel and restaurant management on 1 July. Eventually he would be hired at the Bistrot du Marché in Roye where he was engaged in a study-work program.“, She repented.

As for Sébastien Gorie, his cooking teacher, he recalled a “sunny boy” with many projects in mind. “He enjoyed serving and later wanted to be a manager or manager in a restaurant or hotel group.. He sang regularly during our church celebrations or masked themed parties. It was very varied. He could sing songs like Mariah Carey“, He reported.

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