This Sunday, July 10, the spectators witnessed a great and beautiful moment of emotion Don’t forget the lyrics. After bursting into tears, Master Natasha could count on Nagui to comfort her.

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how far it will go Natashathe current Master of Don’t forget the lyrics ? Since her arrival in the France 2 game, the nurse, who has revealed that she has memorized more than 800 songs, continues to amaze Nagui. This Sunday, July 10, the mother of the family put her money microphone back into play after 17 wins and € 137,000 in winnings against a challenger named Nadia. And the least we can say is that this new participation was full of emotions for the champion, but also for the public. During transmission, the young woman could not help but cry when she had to interpret a title that unfortunately reminded her of a painful memory.

This song that master Natasha had a lot of trouble singing

During the test of “The same song”Natasha had to find the missing title text Song for Auvergne by Georges Brassens. “Have you worked on it?”Nagui asked him, before a great silence invaded the set. “Okay … he doesn’t talk to me anymore, okay. […] Why do not you talk?”then Mélanie Page’s husband insisted. “It will be difficult for me, this song”the master then answered. “I’ll have to concentrate a lot because the last time I heard it was at a funeral. Sorry”she explained, visibly very moved. “Maybe it should be taken as a sign of the person you accompanied”the host told him to encourage him.

Nagui’s nice gesture to comfort her

Taking the title Song for Auvergne by Georges Brassens, Natasha appeared overwhelmed with emotion and even burst into tears when the show bell told her she had won. What about her prompts Nagui to take her in her arms to comfort her. “A victory full of emotion. Everyone believes in what they want: strengths, messages, sparkling stars and above all the memory that exists. The memory of a person, the memory of a song. Everything is in an alignment of stars. and an 18th win “, said the TV presenter. Thanks to his new victory, Natasha became the 29th greatest master of Don’t forget the lyricsovertaking Franck, Gauthier and Elodie.

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