Whether directly in companies or through temporary employment agencies, this is the big question of the moment: how to recruit in jobs under pressure? The problem turns out to be so strong that today recruiters are struggling with favorable salaries, benefits such as restaurant tickets, mutual insurance, RTT, teleworking. Objective: to attract the right profiles … and above all to keep them. But this is still not enough to seduce part of the population. Some professions are rare on the job market.

Randstad, an interim specialist, decided to hit hard to seduce and attract candidates and their CVs. This Monday, 11 July, on the occasion of the fifth edition of the Choose France Summit at the Château de Versailles (Yvelines), the group will announce that it is recruiting around 7,000 temporary CDIs. An impressive figure. “It is linked to the dynamics of the current labor market, attacks François Moreau, general secretary of Randstad France. We must, in this context, develop our attractiveness. “

“We absolutely need to expand our hires”

The practitioner continues: “There are people who want to stay in temporary work because it matches their way of working or their pace, but others want a more stable status. This is what we offer with the provisional CDI. It makes it easier for you to rent your apartment, negotiate loans, have longer assignments (up to 36 months), in short, to project oneself. And this system is also beneficial to our customers, who have long-term loyal employees. Additionally, 70% of people who quit do so to join them as employees. “

All of France is affected by this hiring wave, but two regions are particularly affected: Hauts-de-France and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, with over 1,000 positions to fill each. Followed by the Pays de la Loire (830), Grand Est (640), New Aquitaine (590), Normandy (550) and Île-de-France (480).

“We are looking for different profiles, for logistics, for example with heavy vehicles, super heavy vehicles, order pickers, but also for the food or automotive industry, with machinists, forklift drivers or electricians”, continues Francois Moreau. To apply, go to Randstad.fr where people can submit their CVs and find out about the offers online. This hiring is a first for us. The goal is to double the number of permanent open-ended contracts in the next six months. We absolutely need to broaden our recruiting to meet the needs of our customers. We are looking for both beginners and experienced people. You can finance the training. “

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