Florent Pagny victime du cancer, le message émouvant de Jean-Luc Reichmann (Les 12 coups de midi)

On Friday 8 July 2022, the Les 12 coups de midi program celebrated its anniversary with a special program. We then witnessed the return of several participants. In particular Bruno who had broken all records with 252 participations. There is also the return of Leo and Madjid who had undergone a physical transformation. Read the following article for more details on this TV show …

Florent Pagny and the special program of midday shots

On Friday 8 July, Jean-Luc Reichmann announced a few words about Florent Pagny in 12 o’clock fires the special Combat de Maîtres. The guest then sent his most positive thoughts. For the anniversary of midday shooting on TF1, viewers met again with Jean-Luc Reichmann, 61, for this special program. Note that this animator was born on November 2, 1960 in Toulouse.

Since last Sunday, June 26, the former Masters of midday have been competing to hope to become the great champion of the history of this issue during the grand finale Saturday 9 July. Some then returned to comeback like Xavier, Eric le Breton, Bruno, who broke the record of the program with 252 participations. On October 5, 2021, the latter won € 1,026,107 in winnings and gifts.

The candidate Léo and the touching declaration of Jean-Luc Reichmann

This show was also an opportunity to see Leo again, who is already married. On Wednesday 6 July he posted his partner Alice with a photo during a gala at Sciences Po. There was also the physical transformation of a former participant review Thursday 7 July. It was Madjid who competed for the midday shots on May 1, 2011.

After starting the show on Friday 8 July, Jean-Luc Reichmann welcomed the candidates. Thus he met Maël, Johan, Mathieu and Frédérique again. During the show, he asked the champions a question about Florent Pagny. He then said he did great thoughts for Florence.

Florent Pagny and his illness as well as his protégé Nour from The Voice

Florent Pagny announced the news of his illness on January 25th last in a video posted on social networks. Before having one last chemotherapy, he was with his family in Mont-Saint-Michel. We all know that he has lung cancer and has already undergone two chemotherapy regimens. Currently he has lost his hair and even his eyelashes.

On Thursday 12 May, Florent Pagny’s daughter Ael posted a photo of her with a cane. It should be noted that the singer hasn’t published anything on social media since May 22. She had posted that day a photo of him and NourThe Voice’s big winner of season 11, May 21, 2022. Florent took great care of Nour throughout the competition, especially when he had a sore throat before the final.

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