We knew helmets and glasses for virtual reality, it is time for augmented reality lenses. The American start-up Mojo Vision has just shown this through a lens full of technologies.

The American start-up Mojo Vision is working on a lens that integrates a multitude of technologies. Thanks to it it becomes possible to enjoy contents, images and texts superimposed on the real environment that surrounds us.

After many promises, the very first Mojo Lens prototype is finally operational. It was the CEO of the start-up, Drew Perkins, who experienced this: “The future is already here. I saw it. I brought it. He works.In this case, he served as the guinea pig for the first demonstration of this new smart contact lens technology, providing access to practical and contextualized information.

It took more than six years of work and development to make this functional prototype. The difficulty was obviously to miniaturize all on-board electronics, creating completely new components and an adapted user interface. Today it is no longer science fiction.

A 0.5mm diameter MicroLED screen

The heart of the lens is a MicroLED display with a diameter of less than 0.5mm! The light that passes through it allows you to perfectly distinguish the image returned from the screen. It also incorporates a processor, responsible for image processing, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer. Finally, the lens is equipped with micro-batteries that provide it with energy. The entire interface is controlled only by eye movements, without resorting, for example, to hand gestures.

The goal now is to refine Mojo Lens through multiple stages of testing and clinical trials to evaluate its capabilities and provide feedback on software and applications. It also remains to find real uses for this lens when fully developed.

This type of lens could, for example, radically change the lives of people with visual impairments. But they could also allow an athlete or cyclist to stay focused on their activity while still having access to various performances displayed in their field of vision.

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