L’amour est dans le pré : Après son mariage avec Thierry, Annie explique son réel cauchemar

In the show Love is in the meadow, it’s already been five years since Thierry and Annie met. This show is famous for helping rural dwellers find true love. Furthermore, this program has always been very successful since its creation because it has allowed many isolated people to discover the joy of marriage. You must know that the aforementioned couple is the result of this incredible experience. However, it is to be believed that their happiness is turning into a disaster. How come ? Find out with us!

The couple in love is in the meadow going through a hill of trouble!

Thierry is a divorced man with one son. After long discussions, this benevolent man wanted to take control of his life and rebuild a love life. Hence, the reason why, in 2018, he signed up to participate in the show Love is in the meadow with the aim of finding his future life partner. Fortunately, the candidate made a great and beautiful discovery when he met Annie. Furthermore, the great romantic he was seduced himself!

At the end of the adventure of Love is in the meadow, Thierry was not afraid to ask the beautiful Annie in marriage. This unprecedented moment marked the beginning of their immense happiness together. The engagement ceremony went very well. Looking at their wedding photos, their beautiful smiles speak of their happiness. However, Annie’s recent statements about her marital problems cast doubt on the very idea of ​​the perfect marriage!

Annie struggles to fit in with her in-laws

In general, to the extent that Thierry is already a his second marriage, family opposition should be the least of his concerns. As he is already mature for his age and also independent, having been raising his daughter himself for a long time. However, Annie attests that her new husband’s family is anything but supportive. Mother-in-law despises her and her brothers-in-law don’t care about her either. What a drawback for this candidate for Love in the Meadow who is just starting a new life!

On the contrary, her consolation prize is that Thierry’s daughter gets along wonderfully with her. The tenderness of this young woman for Annie, the former candidate of L’amour is in the meadow, then he feels immense disillusionment in the face of the mistreatment of her in-laws. She wonders if one day this nightmare will finally end. Her only reason for resisting all these attacks against her is her affection for her and her love for Thierry. How long can it last?

Thierry defends his wife

The decision making it was exhausting for this nominee for the play Love is in the Meadow. Imagine having to choose between your wife and your family, trying to put yourself in Thierry’s shoes? Fortunately, Thierry made the choice of him without hesitation. He has given up on losing the other half and the new home he worked so hard to build.

For the well-being of all, Thierry therefore preferred to break all ties with his family. It should be noted that this candidate had to mobilize all his courage to make this decision. He now he lives with his wife and daughter with no regrets. Once again, the candidates of Love is in the meadow have overcome the obstacles of life!

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