Tired of spending all or most of your salary on fuel? Opting for an LPG or Flexifuel model could solve the problem. Yes, but you still need to know which manufacturer to turn to. Follow the leader!

On average, a liter of unleaded 95 (E10) currently costs 2,004 euros, that of diesel a little more expensive still 2,033 euros (source: carbu.com). Ouch! Furthermore, the prices of LPG (€ 0.870 / l) and E85 bioethanol (€ 0.864 / l) are a dream. And since, for the moment, you are not yet ready to opt for an electrified model (hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric), then you decide, it will be a bi-fuel vehicle. Here is a guide that will be very useful to you. The offer in this sector is not the widest but, good news all the same, there is something for all tastes … and all budgets!

LPG: Renault Group deal but pay attention to availability at the moment …

If you are interested in LPG, you will have to go through the Renault group, no choice. Yes, but there is a but. The success of these models (sales up 11% in the first 6 months of the year) coupled with the fact that some components are out of stock mean that Renault and Dacia have decided to temporarily suspend orders for most models to meet the request. For the Diamond brand, this applies to all LPG vehicles without exception: Clio and Captur. As for the Romanian manufacturer, he has decided to favor the brand new Jogger. Perhaps, however, there is the possibility of finding a new or near-new copy in stock.

At the Dacia

At Renault

E85: a more diversified offering

As for Flexifuel or Flexfuel vehicles that can run both lead-free and E85, the choice is more substantial. Two car groups now offer several dual-fuel models: Ford and Jaguar-Land Rover. Or, in other words, a generalist brand with a habit of selling cars at low prices on the one hand (although Ford has gotten into bad habits in this sector lately …), on the other two premium brands aiming for a greater wealthy and demanding clientele who nevertheless want to take care of their budget. If your wallet allows it (starting at € 38,950 the same), why not opt ​​for the Ford Kuga in particular? Why him in particular? Well, is it the only vehicle on the market to combine hybrid and dual-fuel engines? Consequently, the cost of use is lower than that of its little brother Puma … Flexifuel. Who says best?

At Ford

To the Jaguar

To Land Rover

Published on 07/10/2022 Updated 07/10/2022

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