After weeks of broadcasting on M6, the sixth season of Married at first sight, ended. During the final assessment and the sequence, what became of them, the viewers listened to the young newlyweds of this edition. And if Alicia and Bruno, and Pauline and Damien are having happy days, all the other duets have preferred to get a divorce. Also, one of the candidates had already been married before the show. But rest assured the fans, the channel has decided to launch its Belgian version, from this Monday 4th July 2022. First broadcast in Belgium, season 5 has just started on the French channel. And on Twitter, the reviews were mixed. Netizens criticized the program for being boring. But for those who would be hooked, find out, below, if the couples are still together.

Where are the grooms of the Belgian version?

Laurent and Séverine, 79.7% compatible, had not planned to move from their respective cities, not even for love. But against all odds, almost a year after the show was shot, they’re still together! And they also plan to renew their vows. “We plan to remarry, this time without cameras, and in church”, the young man also announced, in his story on Instagram. A beautiful happy ending, which another couple did not know, discovered in the first episode, which aired this Monday evening. These are Laurie and Joël, who nevertheless had a compatibility of 83.9%. There was no current between the two candidates since the spouses had divorced … Twenty hours after saying yes to the town hall. A choice made by the young woman who didn’t even want to spend her wedding night with her new husband. But we’ll have to wait for the next issue to find out why.

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As for Morgane and Valérian, after their marriage, the couple decided to go on their honeymoon, to get to know each other better. Unfortunately, a few weeks later, they decided to end their relationship. Ditto for the duo formed by Nathalie and Michaël, who, despite the compatibility, preferred to put an end to their marriage, at the end of the shooting. Finally, finally, Élodie and Julien, discovered in last night’s episode, became remarkably close during the experience. And they decided to get back together and give their wedding a chance, away from the cameras. Unfortunately, they ended up melting. “There is no going back”confides Julien.

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