Protection contre le rayonnement solaire

Scientists at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) believe they have found the key to reversing current climate change or at least reducing the impact on our planet.

The concept developed by the MIT experts is based on the creation of a constellation of bubbles in space. The latter, acting as silicone filters, would be deployed in space to form large expanses reach the size of a country like Brazil. Their assembly would create an additional filter for the sun’s harmful radiation.


The purpose of these space bubbles would bereduce climate differences or even reverse the warming trend observed in recent decades. Scientists are very sensitive about it because the statistics on rising temperatures are real. NASA presented them in the form of an eerie spiral in the following Youtube video:

Another dramatic effect of global warming can be seen in Russia with what researchers have called the appearance of “hellmouths”. is land collapse phenomena up to now frozen all year round: permafrost also known as permafrost in English. The gulfs created by global warming tend to widen over the years and cause more and more concern in the scientific community.

It would also appear that a new hole in the ozone layer has recently been discovered. One more reason, if necessary, to urgently find a solution to our climate problems and the resulting chaos. This is how the idea of ​​protecting the earth from the sun’s rays first sprouted in the mind of astronomer Roger Angel. As a first step, he proposed to set up a swarm of spaceships to protect the earth radiation from the sun.

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An emergency solution in case everyone else fails

MIT specialists took the concept and improved it, replacing the jars with a net of inflatable silicone bubbles. However, this would be just the beginning of a vast plan to reverse the rising temperature trend.

For the project to be successful, the scientists aim to place the bubble net at a specific point between the sun and the earth. This is Lagrange’s point (from the French mathematician Joseph-Louis Lagrange) that it would guarantee the stability of the system since the gravity of the sun and the earth cancel each other out. This solution is not currently considered the solution to be implemented as a priority, but constitutes an emergency solution in case of failure of all other recommended measures.

Source: BGR

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