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France 2 host Bruno Guillon passed one of the “Fort Boyard” tests with difficulty on Saturday evening. Bad luck for him: in a hurry, he forgot the key inside the test cell.

To win an event at “Fort Boyard”, you need to get a key. The rule remained unchanged for 33 years. Bruno Guillon, presenter of France 2 and Fun Radio, has forgotten it in spite of himself in the new episode broadcast on Saturday evening. He was nominated alongside former Miss France Elodie Gossuin and Amandine Petit, former Koh-Lanta candidate Ugo Lartiche, television host Emilie Broussouloux and actress Cécile Djunga.

Bruno Guillon in particular had to compete in the fire station test where you have to retrieve buckets of water by running on a treadmill. If Bruno Guillon had failed in this event in 2014, this time he succeeded despite a few crashes. Delighted to have obtained the key, he rushed to the door to go and open to the cheers of his team … forgetting the key on the lock inside. Once the door closed, it was too late.

“You were exceptional!”, Launched host Olivier Minne. Before adding: “Where is the key?” Surprised, Bruno Guillon replies: “There it is at the door, with it I opened the door”. Olivier Minne’s response: “Ah yes, so she’s lost”. The news had the effect of a cold shower on Bruno Guillon: “No, no! Not all for that! But I opened the door! No, that’s disgusting!”

This recklessness made viewers react on social networks.

BUT NO ! ???? We will certainly be entitled to it every year. #FortBoyard

– Florian David ?? ?? (@ flo_david88) July 9, 2022

But no Bruno not that not today not now not after everything you’ve done!#FortBoyard

– Manu (@manuelitobestof) July 9, 2022

Bruno Guillon created us a Philippe Echebest in #FortBoyard ?

– Yokai67 (@ yokai67) July 9, 2022

#FortBoyard bruno guillon who forgets the key? lesson

– ???????? BrunoSorayaFan ????????? (@NonoSoOfficiel) July 9, 2022

Bruno Guillon who makes us an Etchebest hahaha #FortBoyard

– Ian Delem ✊ (@IanDelem) July 9, 2022

As Olivier Minne recalled, this isn’t the first time a candidate has left a cell forgetting the key after a win. It happened last year to M6 boss Philippe Etchebest and Thierry Olive, former farmer of “Love is in the meadow” in 2015.

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