After the fourth season of Stranger Things, fan theories continue to emerge. And there is one about Will that deserves our attention ahead of the fifth and final season of the Netflix series. Warning, spoilers.

Warning, spoilers. It is recommended that you have seen the four available seasons of Stranger Things before continuing to read this article.

The epic season 4 of Stranger Things, which aired in two parts between May 27 and July 1 on Netflix, is the event. These new episodes not only gave the Duffer Brothers series a resurgence in popularity, but also revived a multitude of theories about what the fifth and final season might have in store for us.

And if there is one character that deserves our attention it is Will, played by Noah Schnapp, because he will be a central element of the final chapter of Stranger Things, as announced by the Duffer brothers at Collider : “Will will play an important and central role and season 5 – and that’s all we can say about it – will be about his journey. We will see his evolution and coming of age, which has been hindered for a number of years. reasons, some of which are supernatural. But we will see him thrive in his teens. “

Will, the central character of the fifth season

Just as Max (Sadie Sink) played a major role in Stranger Things season 4, Will will be a central character in season 5. And even though he’s been a bit overlooked over the seasons, the guy Noah Schnapp plays is always been a cornerstone of the Netflix series. It all started with Will and his disappearance in the Upside Down and it should all end with Will.

Season 4 tells us that Henry Creel / 001 / Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower) has been the villain from the very beginning of Stranger Things and there seems to be a great connection between Vecna ​​and Will, as users think. Reddit. Their paths are somewhat similar, the two were separate children, special, alone, “sensitive” according to their respective parents, who spent their time drawing and keeping their emotions to themselves.

Since the end of Season 1 and Season 2, Will has had an intense psychic connection with the Mind Flayer and the elements of the Upside Down that he feels through the back of his neck. We now know that the Mind Flayer was created by Vecna ​​and Will touched his neck at the end of season 4, warning him that the Upside Down was starting to take over Hawkins.


Furthermore, when the earth split into four lines – through the four portals opened by Vecna ​​thanks to its four victims – in Hawkins, they crossed in a very specific place: Hawkins’ library, there also where Joyce (Winona Ryder) found her son Will in Upside Down at the end of season one.

This same Sottosopra is blocked on a very important day, November 6, 1983, that of the disappearance of Will, who according to some internet users was not kidnapped by a Demogorgon but by Vecna ​​himself. According to some netizens, you could hear some kind of clock in the very first episode of Stranger Things – a significant sound of Vecna ​​in season 4 – and the silhouette we see at the edge of the forest when Will falls off his bicycle would resemble that of Vecna.

Additionally, Will is chased home by the creature that opens the lock, and the Demogorgons have no telekinetic abilities, unlike Vecna. Will spent several weeks in the Upside Down, singing “Should I Stay or Should I Go” for reassurance. But the song was able to keep him alive, as if Max managed to escape Vecna’s Mind Lair thanks to “Running Up That Hill”.

But this respite was not enough for Will who was mentally and physically trapped in the Upside Down, probably by Vecna. The latter, who is clearly not dead, should try to connect with Will in season five and possibly own him completely. Which would make the boy a villain or a hellish antagonist in the final episodes of Stranger Things, and therefore a very important character.

What if it’s all in Will’s head?

While it is clear that Will will be a major character in Stranger Things season 5, the possibility that he is a villain could stem from Vecna’s manipulation or some other reason, almost beyond his control, that draws less towards the fantastic. . What if all the events of the Netflix series actually happened in Will’s head?

This theory has been around for a few years, especially on Reddit, but returns to the fore with season 4 on Tiktok, in particular. The series begins with a Dungeons and Dragons game that Will, Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) don’t end because it’s getting late, although Will admits to Mike that his roll of the dice was unsuccessful and is deceived by the Demogorgon.


What if the events of the series were really just a part of full-scale Dungeons and Dragons, which takes place in Will’s head? As we know, Upside Down is stuck on the day of Will’s disappearance, which happens right after their discontinued D&D game. We don’t know why, but the Duffers have warned Deadline than him “this is an important plot event”.

It’s not for nothing that the gang uses the board game to get closer and understand what’s going on in Hawkins and give Dungeons and Dragons monster names to the creatures they fight: Demogorgon, Mind Flayer and now Vecna, and maybe Tiamat or Hydra in Season 5?

Stranger Things could therefore just be a metaphor for a little boy struggling to grow into adulthood and clinging to his Dungeons and Dragons games as his friends move on and mature. . We can already see him in season 3 when Will wants to play Dungeons and Dragons and his friends don’t care about the game anymore.

This hypothesis would be compatible with the vision of the Duffer brothers and their strong homage to pop culture of the 80s, the works of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King and these adventure films for children that mix the transition to adulthood and the fantastic. .


Will he be suffering from Peter Pan syndrome? If he has a hard time leaving the fictional country – the Upside Down – this dangerous adventure will have to end as Stranger Things wraps up during its fifth season.

While one would be disappointed to learn that the series’ adventures are just a figment of Will’s imagination, this process is not new in the movies and series. We think in particular of Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Total Recall, The Woman in the Portrait, Brazil, Open Your Eyes (and its remake Vanilla Sky), the St Elsewhere Hospital series or even The Claws of the Night ( according to interpretations), which is also the main reference of Stranger Things season 4.

In any case, Will will be a key character in the fifth season of Stranger Things, to which the Duffer Brothers have promised all the answers to questions from fans about the characters, Hawkins and Upside Down. The duo will begin writing these final episodes in August and we could hope for a broadcast on Netflix from 2024 with a final ending.

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