Game news Stray: PS5 temporary ban, gameplay … Let’s take stock of the cutest cat of the year

Notice to fans of felines and cute games, Stray is finally about to be released on PlayStation 5 (excluding temporary console) and PC. Under construction since 2015 at the Montpellier developers of BlueTwelve Studio, the narrative adventure title had seduced the viewers of gamescom 2020. Let’s take stock.


  • What is Stray’s release date?
  • What is Stray’s story?
  • What is the genre of the game?
  • What is the setting of the story?
  • Who are the developers?
  • How does the chat come alive?

What is Stray’s release date?

The stray will be available July 19, 2022 on PC and PlayStation 5. Please note that it will be one of the first games to be released directly with Sony’s new PS + subscription formula. Therefore, Extra and Premium subscribers will be able to take advantage of the title at no additional cost and as soon as it is launched.

Plus, those who don’t own a PS5 can rest assured that Stray will be a temporary console exclusive. However, no indication of duration is specified on the term of exclusivity, Xbox players will therefore have to be patient.

What is Stray’s story?

Our furry protagonist has no name and no assigned story. We simply know that he comes out of nowhere and that he finds himself completely lost in the immensity of a cyber-city. In any case, here’s what the description sheet tells us: “A stray cat must solve an ancient mystery to escape a forgotten cyber city and return home“The details of the objectives are still quite hazy.

The promised life in a straight line is seven to eight hours, nine to ten hours for completists.

Stray: PS5 temporary ban, gameplay ... Let's take stock of the cutest cat of the yearStray: PS5 temporary ban, gameplay ... Let's take stock of the cutest cat of the year

What is the genre of the game?

Storytelling will be the cornerstone of Stray’s adventure according to studio developers BlueTwelve. It also counts on a good dose of puzzles and interactions of all kinds with the universe. The cat will be equipped in particular with a backpack that serves as a refuge for B-12, a drone that allows it to communicate with technologies and that is able to accumulate collected objects such as a flashlight.

Environmental puzzles and action stages require the use of the feline’s natural abilities. In particular, we saw a short sequence of chases with strange rodents that require you to test the hero’s agility. Finally, note that the movement mechanics seem relatively guided, each jump to a new platform is strictly framed.

Stray: PS5 temporary ban, gameplay ... Let's take stock of the cutest cat of the yearStray: PS5 temporary ban, gameplay ... Let's take stock of the cutest cat of the year

What is the setting of the story?

Stray sets his frame in inspired settings The historical centers of Hong Kong. We observe that a mysterious language is present on the walls of narrow alleys. The player should be able to admire various panoramas between lively city centers and darker corners. The Playstation blog has already introduced us to “Antvillage”, a village built around a huge reservoir.

Who are the developers?

Stray is the first ever game from BlueTwelve Studio, a French studio based in Montpellier. The game concept was conceived seven years ago by Koola and Viv, the co-founders of the company. Swann Martin-Raget, producer of BlueTwelve Studio, recently talked about the evolution of their work:

It is amazing to think that it is now a full-fledged game and that soon players all over the world will be able to discover it and have fun. Development took time and we learned a lot along the way. Among the many difficulties and discoveries of this project, creating an interactive chat was clearly the most complicated task!

Stray is lucky to be propelled by the reputation of his publisher Annapurna Interactivealready behind huge successes in the independent scene.

No motion capture to animate the cat whose movements are reproduced by hand by the animator Miko. A process already explained on the PlayStation blog:

Miko, our chat host, took the challenge head-on and spent a lot of time researching images and videos to use as a reference. During this process, we made a strange, but happy discovery: the whole internet seems to have been invented for the sole purpose of posting pictures and videos of cute cats! So we found a lot of good references to work with.

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