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There was a time when point’n clicks had their heyday. In the 1990s, many PC adventure games won the hearts of gamers. Here is a selection of nine must-see cult games.

Day of the Tentacle

Released after the legendary Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle is cited as one of LucasArt’s greatest golden age masterpieces, designed in collaboration with Tim Schafer. Years after the events of the first game, one of Dr. Fred Edison’s creatures mutates after drinking contaminated water from a polluting machine. Equipped with two new arms, the purple tentacle now hopes to take over the world. One of the heroes of the first episode, the intellectual Bernard, goes there with his companions Hoagie and Laverne. Unfortunately, Bernard lets the megalomaniac tentacle escape and nothing can stop him. Dr. Edison has a plan and sends our three young heroes back in time via time machines to restore order. Everything is clearly not going as planned and everyone finds themselves thrust into very different times, leaving the player to alternate between each character to unlock a variety of situations. The game with well-honed humor was entitled to a remaster available on Xbox Game Pass.

The best PC adventure games of the 90s

Simon the Sorcerer

Series started in 1993 by Adventure Soft, Simon the Sorcerer invites us to play the role of Simon the sorcerer in a completely natural way during several fantastic journeys. The fourteen-year-old young man is immersed in spite of him in another dimension. He then receives the letter from Calypso, the great master sorcerer of the village of Fleur Deli who informs him that he has been kidnapped by the powerful evil sorcerer, Sordide. Simone was chosen to free him. “Thanks to the captivating music and the neat paintings, Adventure Soft offered us an exceptional adventure that will have marked many memories.“, we wrote at the time in our rehearsal. Disappeared for more than ten years and with five episodes under their belt, the license is preparing to make its return also in Simon the Sorcerer Origins, a very modernized prequel to the art direction.

The best PC adventure games of the 90sThe best PC adventure games of the 90s

Blade Runner

Inspired by Ridley Scott’s cult universe, Blade Runner puts us in the shoes of Ray Mac Coy, responsible for removing the NEXUS 6, the smartest humanoid robots of their generation, from circulation following a rebellion in a space colony. Developed by Westwood in 1997, the game is based on a very dark atmosphere and superb settings: “The density of the sets is also remarkable: the Bradburry hotel, the market or the hero’s apartment are such models, full of details that make the adventure believable.“, we were writing at the time. With its five chapters, the game was considered relatively long for the genre with its many endings and investigative setups.

The best PC adventure games of the 90sThe best PC adventure games of the 90s

Grim Fandango

It’s hard to miss this other classic LucasArt inspired by South American beliefs. You play as Manny Cavalera, the reaper, charged with accompanying the dead on their long journey to eternal rest. Problem: All of his good customers systematically slip out from under his nose. Our protagonist will have to shed light on this story and also make his own initiatory journey. Even today, the game remains a veritable nugget of black humor. And like Day of the Tentacle, it got a remaster available on Xbox Game Pass: “It would be criminal to miss Grim Fandango, an adventure game that seems totally insensitive to the test of time and whose formidable universe, omnipresent humor and extraordinary soundtrack allow it to maintain its essential status after all these years.

The best PC adventure games of the 90sThe best PC adventure games of the 90s


Sanitarium sparked passions and established itself as one of the cult point and click games of the 90s. The player embodies an amnesiac, resident in a mental asylum who seeks his identity through dark and disturbing worlds. It was therefore about facing the demons of the past and breaking out of the spiritual prison that awaits you. All of this unfolds in 9 fantastic episodes. In our columns, the game had collected the very nice score of 17/20: “Sanitarium is certainly not perfect, however, its dark atmosphere and its unique history make it a flagship title and place it among the best titles of the genre. Sanitarium is not played, you live”.

The best PC adventure games of the 90sThe best PC adventure games of the 90s

The longest journey

The best PC adventure games of the 90sThe best PC adventure games of the 90s

In The Longest Journey, you play April, an 18-year-old teenager who lives in Newport, one of Stark’s largest megacities, the tech world. Far from being banal, the heroine has an extraordinary destiny, both in her world and in the world of dreams. So very quickly, her little life routine will be upset by very strange events. A game that at the time we rated 17/20: “A mystical scenario in which dreams and harsh reality intertwine as the beautiful April realizes her responsibilities“This adventure game from Funcom offered a design that was remembered.

The Knights of Baphomet

The best PC adventure games of the 90sThe best PC adventure games of the 90s

In The Knights of Baphomet, the player embodies Georges Stobbart, an American on vacation in Paris who finds himself unwillingly involved in a case of international conspiracy, under the sign of the Templars. Accompanied by Nico Collard, a journalist by profession, the player thus has the opportunity to travel through Paris, Ireland, Spain or even Syria in search of the secret of the Templars. A game rated 16/20: “When it came out in 1996, the Knights of Baphomet presented themselves as a must-have thanks to a caustic humor and puzzles that have left an everlasting memory to all who have joined it.

Isle of the Apes 2

The best PC adventure games of the 90sThe best PC adventure games of the 90s

Monkey Island 2 is probably the episode that gives the license its golden letters. The scenario resumes shortly after that of Monkey Island 1. Guybrush Threepwood sets out again on an adventure full of twists to try to find the fabulous treasure of Big Whoop. But his enemy resurfaces and puts new spokes in his wheels. A game rated 19/20: “He has worked on all levels, putting the player to work relying on his tenacity and true reasoning, dispelling his sometimes stupid and mean, sometimes subtle corrosive humor, Monkey Island has marked an entire generation of players” .

Full throttle

The best PC adventure games of the 90sThe best PC adventure games of the 90s

Remastered like his friends and also available on Game Pass, Full Throttle brought us together with Ben, charged with finding his gang of bikers while he foiled the plot that weighs on the most important motor company. A cult title rated 17/20: “Full Throttle may not be the most famous of the Lucasarts adventure games. However, it would be a mistake to forget it, because it is one of those games that immerse you in a unique universe and that mark you for a long time.. “


We could also have mentioned: The Neverhood, Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis, Sam & Max Hit the Road, Beneath a Steel Sky, …

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