Twitch: Amouranth reveals the incredible sum he earns every month on Onlyfans!



Amouranth reveals what it touches thanks to its OnlyFans subscribers and we hope you are holding on to your chair, because it is truly mind blowing. The million is reached every month and to celebrate, the streamer launches a promotion of -65% for each registration.

This is the “you will never earn this in your life” news of the week (although we wish it with all our hearts), with the revelation of the monthly income of Twitch streamer Amouranth who regularly makes headlines, sometimes in spite of himself.

Nearly $ 10 million since January 2022

If the reported numbers are the same since the beginning of the year, this should actually get us close to $ 10 million for keeping his OnlyFans account since January.. The tweet that reveals the sums collected each month is accompanied by these few words: it is not about money, but about sending a message. Ok well, but we wonder what message the streamer wants to send given the content of his networks in recent months. In April, Amouranth announced that it would close its OF account in June to focus on new ways of doing business. Today is July 9th and his OnlyFans continue to be heavily fed. Amouranth even took it to the next level by promoting a hardcore video for the first time.

Amouranth, Internet star

When we see her income figures lined up like this, it’s easy to imagine why the young woman backtracked on her decision to close her OnlyFans account. These sums, which are absolutely colossal, are a risk-free inflow of money Amouranth, who also takes the opportunity to offer a 65% discount for any registration on his account. She remembers, however, that Kaitlyn Siragusa’s story on Twitch is quite eventful: she had to be harassed by someone who spanned half the globe and was recently offered a role in a porn production.


Being a woman has never been easy, much less when you’re famous. Amidst inappropriate comments and harassment, streamer Amouranth has had to face one of her executioners, and she has decided to speak up once and for all.

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