InvestigationThe company’s internal documents, analyzed by “Le Monde”, show how, between 2014 and 2016, the Minister of Economy worked behind the scenes for the company VTC, which was trying to impose market deregulation and dealt with government hostility.

First October 2014. From midnight the brand new Thévenoud law came into force: it regulates the conditions for becoming an Uber driver, three years after the arrival of the American company in France, and effectively prohibits UberPop, the service that caused a gigantic movement of rage among taxis in France by allowing everyone to become an occasional driver. But at 8:30 that morning, a somewhat unusual Uber vehicle parked in front of 145 rue de Bercy, the entrance to the Ministry of Economy through which Emmanuel Macron’s guests, nominated a month earlier for this location, passed.

“Mega summit meeting with Emmanuel Macron this morning. France loves us after all »Message from Uber lobbyist Mark MacGann to his colleagues

Inside the Mercedes Viano van are four Uber figures: Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, the director of Western Europe, now in charge of Uber Eats; Mark MacGann, chief lobbyist for Europe, Africa, the Middle East; David Plouffe, former adviser to Barack Obama, newly appointed vice president of Uber; and the company’s founder and CEO himself, Travis Kalanick. An hour later, the shocking lobby team emerged in awe from Emmanuel Macron’s office. In one word: spectacular. Never seenMark MacGann writes in a short report sent in screech to his colleagues. A lot of work coming up, but soon we will dance;) “ “Mega summit meeting with Emmanuel Macron this morning. France loves us after all “will also write.

This meeting, which remained confidential, was not on Emmanuel Macron’s agenda. The world and its partners in the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) can now reveal its existence thanks to the analysis of a large amount of internal Uber documents, transmitted to the British newspaper The Guardian. These “Uber Files”, tens of thousands of emails, presentations, spreadsheets and PDF documents, written between 2013 and 2017, shed a particularly harsh light on these crazy years, glazed with violence during taxi demonstrations, during which the American company has used all the proceeds of the lobbies to try to obtain the deregulation of the market in France.

“Uber Files”, an international investigation

“Uber Files” is an investigation based on thousands of internal Uber documents sent from an anonymous source to the British newspaper The Guardianand forwarded to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and 42 media partners, including The world.

Emails, presentations, minutes of meetings… These 124,000 documents, dated from 2013 to 2017, offer a rare dive into the mysteries of a start-up that was then trying to establish itself in cities around the world despite an unfavorable regulatory environment. They detail how Uber has used all the lobbying tricks in France as elsewhere to try to change the law for its own benefit.

The “Uber Files” also reveal how the Californian group, determined to impose itself by fait accompli and, if necessary, by operating illegally, has implemented practices deliberately playing with the limits of the law, or which may constitute a judicial obstacle to the investigations referred to. it was object.

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Above all, these documents show the extent to which Uber found a keen ear in Emmanuel Macron, who a few months later signed a secret “deal” with the Californian company to “to ensure that France works for Uber so that Uber can work in and for France”.

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